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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Susan Roces was simply a movie fan of Gloria Romero when she was discovered by Doc Jose Perez, owner of Sampaguita Pictures inside the studio compound while watching her idol and asking for an autograph (see my earlier post). Her early movie comedies--- Boksingera, Daw! in 1956, (her first movie), Susanang Daldal and Susan, Susay, Susie (where she portrayed three different characters) were her favorites. She also did some several light dramas during her stay with Sampaguita like Tulisan (1962) with Amalia Fuentes and Batas ng Lipunan (1961). It was when she turned freelance that she was offered heavy drama roles in such movies as Bayan Ko, Lumaban Ka (1964), Ana-Roberta (1964), and old-time favorite Maruja (1969) with Romeo Vasquez. Her first movie when she turned freelance was Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw in 1965 with Fernando Poe, Jr. (see earlier post for FPJ-Susan Roces starrers). It was in the 60s when fans saw the rivalry between two Queens of Philippine Movies—Susan Roces and Amalia Fuentes, the love teams of Susan and Ronnie Poe, of Susan and Eddie Guitierez, of Susan and Romeo Vasquez and Amalia and Romeo Vasquez. The decade of the 60s was a fruitful and busiest era for Ms. Roces where she made movies one after another and there were times her movies were shown every other week or 12-15 movies in a year.

See Susan Roces - Inday ng Buhay Ko
See FPJ-Susan Roces Starrers

Beatnik (1960)

Tulisan (1962) with Amalia Fuentes

Susanang Daldal (1962)

Dance-O-Rama (1963)

Jukebox Jamboree (1964)

Libis ng Baryo (1964)

Leron-Leron Sinta (1964)
Hi-Sosayti (1964)

Hamon sa Kampeon (1964)

Dandansoy (1965)

Romansa sa World's Fair (1965)

Pag-ibig, Ikaw ang Maysala (1965)

Ang Maganda Kong Kapit-bahay (1965)

The Dolly Sisters (1965)

Ana-Roberta (1965)

Buhay sa Buhay! (1965) with Joseph Estrada

Swanie (1965)

Mula Nang Kita'y Ibigin (1966)

Viva Ranchera (1966)

Portrait of My Love (1966)

Mariang Kondesa (1966)

Itinakwil Man Kita (1966)

Si Siyanang at ang 7 Tsikiting (1966)

Dedicated to You (1966) with Eddie Mesa

Let's Do the Freddie (1966) with Eddie Mesa

Anong Ganda Mo! (1967)


James DR said...

Ang "Tulisan" ang isa sa mga paborito kong Susan-Amalia starrer, although napanood ko na lang ito sa TV, sa tingin ko mas maganda ang role at acting ni Susan (bilang kambal, yung isang Susan na kinidnap ng mga Tulisan na kaanib ni Amalia at yung isang Susan na nag-hunting sa mga kumidnap sa kapatid, hanggang magkatagpo at maglaban sina Susan at Amalia). Ang isa pa ay yung Amaliang Mali-Mali vs. Susanang Daldal na riot din sa comedy.

Noel Vera said...

Hi, Video 48 (have we met? Online, at least?).

Tita Susan's my aunt-in-law; leastwise, I have a cousin who has her for a mother in law. She used to go to my grandfather's house when he was alive. Very nice, very down-to-earth.

Wonderful blog, by the way; we need more of these around.

Video 48 said...

Thank you! I'm pleased and honored!

Anonymous said...

i always visit this great blog. you'll get to know big stars back then and great movies. comparing stars yesterday and today mas magaganda pa rin ang mga tulad nina Susan Roces and Gloria Romero very natural. at kasabay pa nila si the king of rock 'n roll Elvis Presley.

video48 thanks for this site..

yuri said...

how i wish mapanood ko rin lahat ang mga classic movies ni mam susan roces. ano bang tv network ang magpapalabas ng mga ito? please let me know naman.

Anonymous said...

nd i could watch all the gloria romero and susan roces films i want. hope their old movies would be shown again. Susan is so pretty and her beauty can fit different roles, others kasi their beauty only fits a ceratain kind of role but with Susan, anything fits.

Anonymous said...


agraf74@hotmail.com said...

Video 48 may have spent more than forty eight hours producing this blog, but it certainly is appreciated! Many of these films have disappeared, and this may be the only way for Filippinos to remember them, and us foreigners, to have an idea of the large, and rich production of your past filmography.

The dramatic poster for Tulisan hints at a knife fight between two lovely stars, Susan Roces and Amalia Fuentes. Did the film contain such a scene, or was this just for marketing purposes?


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