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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Manuel Conde had directed big-budget movies like Genghis Khan (1950); Sigfredo (1951); and Krus na Kawayan (1956). But it was his Juan Tamad series that made him more popular among the masses which he did first in 1946 and which he turned it later in a series in the late 50s and early 60s. Set in pre-Spanish times, this series, e.g. Juan Tamad Goes to Congress (1959); Juan Tamad Goes to Society (1960); and Si Juan Tamad at si Juan Masipag sa Pulitikang Walang Hanggan (1963) deals with social issues and lambasted and satirized politicians and mocked society’s foibles, while instilling common sense and simple moral values and virtues.

Juan Tamad (1947)- Conde's First Juan Tamad- Stars Manuel Conde and Elvira Reyes/ Directed by Manuel Conde

Juan Tamad Goes to Congress (1959)- Stars Manuel Conde, Tessie Quintana and introducing Adorable Liwanag/ Written and directed by Manuel Conde

Juan Tamad Goes to Society (1960)- Stars Manuel Conde, Tessie Quintana,Lita Gutierrez, Adorable Liwanag, Patsy, Liza Moreno, Mila Ocampo, Partia Plata, Jose Vergara, Alfonso Carvajal, Joseph de Cordova, Perla Bautista/ Story, screenplay and directed by Manuel Conde

Still from the movie, Juan Tamad Goes to Society-
Manuel Conde with leading lady, Tessie Quintana

Si Juan Tamad at si Juan Masipag sa Pulitikang Walang Hanggan (1963)- Stars manuel Conde, Tessie Quintana, Sylvia Gumabao, Rosa Aguirre, Alfonso Carvajal, Naty Bernardo/ Written and directed by Manuel Conde


James DR said...

Meron pa kayang mga kopya ang mga pelikulang ito ni Manuel Conde? I remember when I was young, he used to call me Marlon Brando whenever we visit his house in Sampaloc. We used to call him Tiyo Naning. His son Jun Urbano is my ninong. I also remember his office and his big portrait in Siete Infantes de Lara and painting of Carlos Botong Francisco. Sana, maipalabas ang mga pelikula ni Manuel Conde kahit sa TV or sa NCCA's Cinema Paraiso in Intramuros, especially these Juan Tamad series, Genghis Khan, Sigfredo, Siete Infantes de Lara, Molave.

Video 48 said...

Hi Jimi!
Wala nga, kahit na isa. I remember watching his movie, Krus na Kawayan" several months back at Channel 5.

James DR said...

Sayang, wala akong napanood sa mga Juan Tamad movies, even the other films I mentioned. Although, I have a vhs copy of Krus Na Kawayan. That copy came from Conde's daughter, Ate Nene. Nandoon din kasi sa movie yung father ko, isa siya sa mga supporting cast ni Manuel Conde (ang role niya yung barbero ni Conde, Julian Yulo ang screen name niya). Yung Satur (LVN Pictures), napanood ko sa tv noong 70s pa yata. El Robo (siya ang director) napanood ko rin sa Cinema Paraiso, nandun din yung erpats ko sa movie. I remember sa previous interviews kay Manuel Conde, yung Molave ay nasa Bureau of Forestry, dahil tungkol yata ito sa Forest conservation, ipinapalabas daw yun pag merong mga seminars. Noon pa yun, lost na rin siguro. Sana, meron pang naitatago yung mga private collectors, at maghimalang lumabas, like Ikaw Kasi, Bahala Na, Tingnan Natin.

Video 48 said...

Hi Jimi!
Sana may lumabas na kopya ng any Juan Tamad series. Yes, napanood ko rin ang Satur noon pa sa TV, kasama si Reynaldo Dante at Anita Linda, yata. There's one movie Manuel Conde did with Nino Muhlach in the early 1980s titled Juan Tamad Junior. Kahit siguro yun mapanood man lang natin, hehehe!
Thanks again for the inputs and comments.

James DR said...

Meron pang isang pelikulang nilabasan niya before yung kay Nino Muhlach. Ito yung remake ng Siete Infantes de Lara (1973)na directed by Jun Urbano. In this movie, si Greg Lozano lang yata ang medyo nakilala sa 7 Infantes, unlike in the old Siete Infantes...nakilala si Eddie Garcia, Johnny Monteiro, sino pa ba?

TheCoolCanadian said...

Genghis Khan is now owned by United Artists (Classic). This film one could not watch in RP, but it's doing its rounds among critic's circles and filmfests in North America and Europe. I saw this in Canada 4 years ago, same thing with Noli & Fili by Gerardo de Leon, and that wonderful Tony Cayado directed drama: MGA LIGAW NA BULAKLAK, together with Joey Gosiengfiao's: Sunugin ang Samar,

Jinky Winky said...

When I was still a kid, me and my mom would always go to their house in Sampaloc to visit. He's a great-looking old man whose eyes smile whenever he talks. He would always give me little trinkets made out of capiz. I only wish I would be able to see his first works, especially those that were made during the post-war period. Even though I was mighty proud of him, I kept myself from telling people that he's my lolo because my mom is his illegitimate child with his muse, the beautiful Elvira Reyes. But heck, I've the blood of this great man running in my veins. I am proud to be his grandchild. My kids would grow up knowing that they too have a part of this amazing FILIPINO artist in them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about Lolo! I am also one the grand daughter. When I was young, I used to visit him every summer with my family in Manila kaya Lang naghiwalay ang parents ko. I have been looking for his pictures and movies in the inernet as I missed him. Thank God I finally found it. I did not know he died right after I went to U.S.; wish I saw him before he died. But I am happy now that I found the blog about him. Like Janice, my kids know all about his great Filifino talents! My daughter is taking Chemical Engineering in SJSU like his grandpa; did not know he was taking Engineering but too shy to be an actress but my son is handsome and jolly like him. :)

Anonymous said...

hehehehe... marami pa la tayong mga apo sa labas... hello mga relatives...

Anonymous said...

Adorable was my Lolo's Half Sister, and Rolando was my great grandfather. Manuel Conde was my Grandfather's Godfather.


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