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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Filipinos in the 60s were already swooning and rooting for a local Pinoy superhero even before Marvel legendary comic superhero Spiderman and another Pinoy superhero Captain Barbell came into being. The character, Gagamba, created by Virgilio and Nestor Redondo was first serialized in Tagalog Klasiks in 1962. It was introduced into the silver screen the same year in the movie titled Bakas ng Gagamba. Action star Bernard Bonnin, after a successful stint as Alyas Palos portrayed the role of Alyas Gagamba. It was followed by three sequels: Palos Kontra Gagamba (1963), Ang Lihim ni Gagamba (1964) and Gagamba at si Scorpio (1969).

See Bernard Bonnin- Alyas Palos

Bakas ng Gagamba (1962)
Palos Kontra Gagamba (1963)

Ang Lihim ni Gagamba (1964)

Ang Lihim ni Gagamba by Virgilio and Nestor Redondo, serialized in Alcala Fight Komix magazine came out in July 9, 1963. Here’s the first issue ---


Anonymous said...

In "Bakas ng Gagamba" it was revealed that Gagamba's secret identity was Millionaire playboy "Ernie Montez" whose girlfriend was socialite Estella.

However, in "Lihim ng Gagamba" its millionaire ELY RODRIGO, likewise boyfriend of the same Estella.

Any explanation for the change?

Unknown said...

He is the mysterious vigilante and hero/protagonist his real name was Ernesto Montez became Gagamba/Spider the character was created by Nestor Redondo story that brought you Alyas Palos based from a popular action film in sequels & spinoffs in Filipino movie history. Thanks!

Unknown said...

His true identity was Ernesto Montez becomes a mysterious masked vigilante as Gagamba was played by Bernard Bonnin serialized in comics becomes a live action film a spinoff of Alias Palos film series.Thanks. From:Wayne


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