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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Jun Aristorenas used to do sing-and-dance routines onstage, before he entered the movies. He appeared on stage shows in the late 50s and early 60s doing mostly dance and musical numbers. He also did bit roles in movies. It was a hard and tedious climb for this young man before he was discovered and introduced by Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions in a Jess Lapid starrer, “Kardong Kidlat” in 1964 in the role of ‘Tigre.’ It was in this particular role that gave him the title and lead role in “Dugong Tigre” also in the same year. His stint as a stage dancer did him good since he was able to do and execute action scenes with ease and finesse. He had his own fighting style that set him apart from other action stars. He soon formed and organized his own production outfit, Junar Productions. Aristorenas was nominated by FAMAS as best actor for his performance in “Elias, Basilio at Sisa in 1972. He received the Rajah Soliman award in the 1970 Manila Film Festival as Best Director for “Dimaslang” in 1970. He became a director later in his showbiz career.

Labo-Labo (1964) with Jess Lapid, Tony Ferrer and Alberto Alonzo

Tatlo sa Tatlo (1965) with Jess Lapid and Tony Ferrer

Bale-Bale Kung Lumaban (1964)

Sagupaan ng mga Patapon (1964)

Ben Barracuda (1965)

Danilo Ronquillo: Cavite Boy (1965)

Limbas Walang Gulat (1965)

Ang Babaing Ito ay Akin! (1966)

Johnny West (1966)

Katapat ng Bawa't Lakas (1966)

Rico Solitaryo (1966)

Not For Hire (1967)

Dimasalang (1970)


James DR said...

Isa pa sa natatandaan ko at di malimutan itong "Ang Babaing Ito Ay Akin", because of Divina Valencia and the title, nagsisimula pa lang yata siya nun. Later on, napanood ko rin siya nuon sa "Sidra" at "Kwatang" (I think komiks novel ito ni Mars Ravelo at produced ng Lea Productions?).

Karlo said...

Hi! I remember watching a Jun and Robin Aristorenas film on TV years ago where they hide out in sewers. Could you tell me what movie that was? I am interested if they shot that on a set or if there is an actual network of tunnels underneath Manila's streets.


palaboy said...

san po b ako pd mkakuha ng kopya ng funny jack and jill at ng dimasalang pati hipopotamus ank ako ng unang melissa mendez tnx

arrielle said...

Hope there are remakes of this movies. Want to watch them. :)

philippine movie schedules

Anonymous said...

Wonder how I can possibly have Dimasalang (1970) movie? Trying my luck asking after 11 years of your blog. Email: adiputra786@yahoo.com. Thanks.


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