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Sunday, December 14, 2014


By Cirilo S. Reyes
Fan Magazine, July 1966

A beautiful Eurasian stunner reportedly arrived in search of Eddie Fernandez; a big movie star was left waiting for him at a gala affair only to see him arrive with another woman; an up-and-coming actress almost gave up her career for him. These are but a few exciting episodes in the life and loves of Eddie Fernandez, a man of many loves.

Ask any girl who has been with him in a picture, either as his leading lady or perhaps just one of the troupe, and most likely their impression of Eddie Fernandez will ran along this line: “He is a wonderful man dedicated to life and love.” Among the stars he has been romantically linked to were Nancy Roman, Blanca Gomez, Miriam Jurado, Lourdes Medel, Dulce (rumors even have it that the two are secretly married although both deny this) Lukban and lately a Eurasian beauty he met while on a filming jaunt abroad.

Having known Eddie for quite a while, we can understand the emotions he evokes on these women. Soft spoken and a gentleman all the way, one cannot help but “mother” him for the little boy that he still is. 

Rising to screen fame as an agent in his Lagalag series will easily give one the impression that he does not ask, he takes, but then the opposite is true and this his close friends will attest to.

This is equally true in his pursuit of a lady love. Eddie has been known to be a flower-and-candy kind. He stays at a girl’s house for hours after hours just talking to her and it becomes almost impossible to drive him away without being rude and unkind.
We know of just a girl who almost gave up her career for him and this, she claims afterwards, is because of his “thoughtfulness and great sense of humor.”

He started as a contract star for People’s pictures and was assigned various roles before be attained stardom and fame as Lagalag. The breadwinner of his family, his mother cannot complain any for he would give her all his earnings and receive a meager allowance to get by with. This in part explains why in the beginning of his career, Eddie shied away front friends and kept to himself most of the time.

His becoming a freelancer, however, changed all that. He now sports a new car and is often seen doing the night spots with the glamorous stars of the movie world. Although he is basically the same person he was many months before he became a success as a freelance star. Eddie can now live up to a star stature and girls, are a coherent part of all that.

Still young, Eddie has a lot to learn about himself and others. For apparently, he hurts women he does not intend to and this is because he himself does not know where he is heading nor what he truly wants of life.

Love is very much a part of his growing up that although he pretends to be the carefree type, he is one that takes to hurt more whenever partings become inevitable. He has been known to cry over a lost love and his friends realize that his shortcomings have had a lot to do with it.

He may find fulfillment in his career, but Eddie is basically a man whose need of a woman’s understanding and love is unsatiable. Career wise he cannot complain, for he is one of the much-sought-after movie actors of today. He is offered one film assignment after the other and his pictures are well received from theaters all over the country.

At present he is finishing Triggerman for EMAR Pictures and will immediately go before the cameras for Doble 13 (the movie was shelved for Romeo Vasquez), for RAS Productions, opposite sex symbol Divina Valencia. Cirio Santiago is also readying the script for his picture with Chriscat Productions with Lea offering him a role in their forthcoming production.

Perhaps time will come when Eddie would settle for just one true love but at the moment he is still staying the unattached eligible, his eye focused on not just one but many women. Until the kind of woman comes along that can make loving a one-way subway express to happiness, it can be safe to predict that he will love women, all women at that.

"Triggerman" (1966)

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