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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Eddie Fernandez was discovered by Director Cirio Santiago during a horse race. He was attracted by his dark good looks and athletic build. He cornered the young man, and offererd him a screen test. The test turned out to be a small part in Mga Yapak Na Walang Bakas, and that was it. Eddie was in pictures. He was next cast in Walang Susuko, Labanan sa Balicuatro and Apat na Agimat. The roles got fatter and fatter, until he landed secondary roles in Puro Labis, Puro Kulang (1962) and Masikip na Daigdig (1963), an FPJ starrer.

A popular DZRH radio program was upped for production and the young Fernandez was chosen to do the movie project. It was a break he needed for a long time. Lagalag was born. That was in 1964. The success of Lagalag prompted his home studio to do a series of sequels on the expliot of the famed spy agent Bakas ng Dragon (1964), Scorpio (1964), Hongkong 999 (1965). Somehow, Eddie's sudden success got to his head and his hotheadedness and temperament proved disastrous for which he was charged and imprisoned for the fatal killing of a Bulacan businessman (see link). He was eventually released with a pardon but was later in his life got involved in an altercation in a checkpoint incident in Makati that cost him his life

His life was made into a movie in 1994 titled “Lagalag: The Eddie Fernandez Story” starring Rudy Fernandez and Dawn Zulueta under the direction of Romy Suzara.

Puro Labis Puro Kulang (1962)

Ripleng de Rapido (1963)
Magandang Bituin (1963)

Lagalag (1964) - First Starring Role

Bakas ng Dragon (1964) - Second 'Lagalag' movie

Scorpio (1964) - Third 'Lagalag' movie

Hongkong 999 (1965)- Fourth 'Lagalag' movie

Codigo Trece (1965) - Fifth 'Lagalag' movie

7 Mukha ni Dr. Evans (1965) - Sixth 'Lagalag' movie

Hanapin si Leo Baron (1965)- Seventh 'Lagalag' movie

Cosa Nostra [Kaaway ng Lipunan] (1965) - played a different role- as Johnny Oro

Counter Spy (1966) - another non-Lagalag movie

Kulay Dugo ang Gabi (1965)

Mga Batikan (1964)

Song-Movie Magazine cover with actress-wife Dulce Lucban


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My uncle just asked me if I could find that movie online. So far, I have been unsuccesful. I bumped on ur cool site via google search and though why not ask? :).. So I was wondering if you may know where I can find it on the net?

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