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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"Ben Tumbling: A People's Journal Story" (1985)- Stars Lito Lapid, Vivian Velez, Chralie Davao, George Estregan, Raoul Aragonn, Deborah Sun/ with Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Bomber Moran, Dick Israel, Suzanne Gpnzales, Lucita Soriano, Philip Gamboa, Romy Diaz, Renato Del Prado, Amay Bisaya/ Directed by Diego Cagahastian

Benjamin Garcia or Ben Tumbling (1957-81) was only 23 when he was shot and killed in an ambush set up by police operatives led by Intelligence Chief Vicente Vinarao.

Ben Tumbling, who hails from Malabon, derived his nickname from his earlier job as a movie stuntman. An expert in karate, he was said to have incredible acrobatic abilities, a talent helped him make quick getaways from arresting policemen.

It was said that Ben’s hatred with police started with a traumatic brutallity he experienced. He was heavily tortured by arresting policemen as a juvenile delinquent. His head was hit hard by a chair, dunked in toilet bowl and his genitals electrocuted. Reports said that all this torture might have forgiven by Ben but what drove him for really hatting policemen of Malabon was when some of them raped his young wife.

He was later involved in robberies, car jacking and drug trafficking. In a matter of months, 7 policemen were shot dead, their guns taken from them. Because of this attacks, Ben Tumbling was now high up on the police’s “Most Wanted” list.

Malabon Police were now afraid of him.

Ben’s friends and neighbors received gifts from him. Those in dire needs suddenly received cash from him. It is easy to see why poor communities of Malabon saw Ben Tumbling as a hero, not as a criminal. When he was shot dead by policemen on Friday the 13th of March 1981, poor people of Malabon wept openly.

Source: http://matibay-thewayilookatit.blogspot.com/

Malabon Cemetery

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KarloM said...

31 years after Ben Tumbling's death... it just seemed yesterday.

KarloM said...

I wonder why today, I happen to google Ben Tumbling. It was the 31st anniversary of his death today. Looked like he was saying something from beyond. Thank you for your blog on my movie. --Diego C. Cagahastian, writer and director, Ben Tumbling A People's Journal Story (1985)

okidoc said...

i remembered still my mom and other relatives went to see Ben's wake in malabon. I hailed from Tinajeros malabon. He was truly tagged here as there Robin Hood. He was always aloof from the people and authorities as citizens of malabon relates thats why only few photos of him can be found. Rest in Peace Ben...

Anonymous said...

From the time I saw a YOUNG BEN doing his stuff then,now at my latter age I do realize he was just a young man doing his stuff at our town Plaza in Malabon doing somersault with his small dog then after that...He was gone!I like him a lot!

John Wick said...

No, hes not died in age of 23 y/o. The truth is he hides from the policemen and hes enemies for his own safety. He stayed in our island in visayas southern leyte in many years because hes wife is from there, the truth is he died for getting older. I remember when i was a kid, i saw him in our island, oldman and blind. And most of all call him "Mang Ben or Ben Tumbling".

Anonymous said...

I was shocked and rush to his funeral viewing and I saw fresh bullet wounds on his face. I was on grade 5 then in Malabon Central Elementary School infront of Malabon Barangay High School. I am happy to share my childhood becase that place was memorable to me. The Hulong Duhat Plaza. The Fire Station library just to read weekly Funny Komiks. The song was tuned by Midnight Blue by Electric Light Orchestra. Rick Lobster. Ultra Vista Cinema. Gasak-Rector Jeepney and The shipyard at Tanza Navotas. We are from Rosas Street Merville Subdivision connecting Hulong Duhat and Tanza Shipyard.


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