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Monday, September 1, 2008


Left- Vic Morrow and Rick Jason in "Combat"
Right- Robert Conrad and Ross Martin in "Wild Wild West"

Two of my precious memories of the 60s---

Left- Scanned from the original Wild Wild West Holiday Greeting Card courtesy of Sarsi
Right- Scanned from the original Vic Morrow of Combat courtesy of Shell

I grew up watching Vic Morrow as Sgt. Chip Saunders and Rick Jason as Lt. Gil Hanley in a TV war series
Combat and Robert Conrad as James West and Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon, two US secret service agents in a TV Western series Wild Wild West--- two of my favorites including other TV shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents (50s show airing in the 60s), Bonanza, Wanted Dead or Alive, The Rat Patrol, Have Gun Will Travel, Maverick, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Man With a Camera, Mission Impossible, The Rifleman, Colt 45, Perry Mason, Batman and three of my favorite TV Sci-fi series--- The Twilight Zone, Land of the Giants and The Time Tunnel. Most of these highly successful 60s TV series are readily available in home videos and DVD box sets, where you can watch and enjoy them anytime.

The master filmmaker as host and occasional director in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," an anthology of 'situation tragedies,' as Hitchcock once described as tales of murder, mystery and surprise. The series runs from 1955 to 62.

Left- 60s secret agents Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo and David McCallum as Ilya Kuryakin in "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."
Right- The "Batman" in mid 60s with Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin

The Cast of Bonanza: From left- Dan Blocker as Eric'Hoss' Cartwright, Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright, Pernell Roberts as Adam Cartwright and Michael Landon as Little Joe Cartwright/ The series runs from 1959 to 1973

Richard Boone as Paladin in "Have Gun Will Travel"/ The series runs from 1957-63

Left- The young Charles Bronson as a photographer in "Man With a Camera"

Right- Raymond Burr stars as "Perry Mason

Left- The young Steve McQueen as Josh Randall, the bounty hunter in "Wanted Dead or Alive."
Right- James Garner as Bret and Jack Kelly as Bart, two reluctant heroes in "Maverick."

Left- Wayde Preston as Christopher Colt in "Colt .45"

Right- Chuck Norris as Lucas McCain, "The Rifleman"

Left- The Rat Patrol- Christopher George as Sgt. Sam Troy led a group of allied commandos in jeeps armed with machine guns.
Right- Mission Impossible- Major actors at different moments in the series included Peter Graves (IMF head), Barbara Bain (model), Greg Morris (technical expert), Peter Lupus and Martin Landau (disguise artist)

Left- The Time Tunnel- one of television’s earliest well-made sci-fi series with James Darren as Dr. Tony Newman and Robert Colbert as Dr. Douglas Phillips
Right- The Twilight Zone (1959-64)- Created and hosted by Rod Serling, another classic and most revered Sci-fi series

Land of the Giants- another television’s sci-fi series (1968-70), where three crew and four passengers in a suborbital shuttle Spindrift passes through a mysterious cloud and crash lands on a world where the inhabitants are twelve times higher than normal. Gary Conway stars as Captain Steve Burton.


Anonymous said...

Those were really good serials worth remembering. I could add 77 Sunset Strip, Route 66, Sea Hunt, Tombstone Territory. The 70s brought us, Hawaii 5-O, Kung Fu, and the 80s, The Equalizer...



Sayang hindi ko na inabot ang mga western series na narito. Gusto ko rin ang Rat Patrol, Combat at ang Twilight Zone series. Nakabili na ako ng complete DVD series ng Rat Patrol at Twilight Zone pero iyong combat wala akong mahanap. Isa pa sa gusto ko ay ang Kung-fu series ni David Carradine.

Anonymous said...



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