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Saturday, July 5, 2008


In 1951, Mars Ravelo wrote and collaborated with illustrator Nestor Redondo to come up with the first Darna. Through the years, their tandem produced many memorable komiks serials, one of these was Devlin: Swashbuckler of the Seas, serialized in Redondo Komix in 1963.


James DR said...

Simon, thanks! DEVLIN pala ang title, hindi JAVLIN! (my comment sa Mars Ravelo #2). Sana kung meron kang BOOMA, ire-request ko na rin.!

TheCoolCanadian said...

James: JAVLIN was written by Mars Ravelo layt=ter. Si Delfin Barras ang nag-drawing.

Simon: These drawings are awesome. Thank you for sharing them with us.
But I don't mind seeing more VIR AGUIRRE drawings. I think he was one of the most talented Filipino komiks artists that lived. Too bad he died at age 30.

James DR said...

To thecoolcanadian: Thanks, for the info! Ang natatandaan ko lang kasi yung Javlin. So, tama rin pala ako! Di ba tungkol din ito sa malaking isda, parang Devlin? Sa Pilipino Komiks ito lumabas di ba?

TheCoolCanadian said...

Yes. Good memory :)

May isa pa, JIKIRIZ also written by Mars Ravelo, drawn by Dell Barras. Yjis time, Narracuca naman. Though may BARACUDA rin noon sina Vir & Nestor Redondo.

TheCoolCanadian said...


I looked at an old Pilipino Komiks I owned and JAVLIN was actually wriiten by RIC M. TORRES, drawn by BUDDY GERNALE halfway, then by DELL BARRAS neat the end. JIKIRIZ is the one written by MARS RAVELO and drwan by DELL BARRAS

James DR said...

Thanks, thecoolcanadian! Actually, yung Javlin lang ang natatandaan ko na si Ric Torres pala ang gumawa. Akala ko si Mars Ravelo ang author nun, hanggang sa nakita ko nga dito yung Devlin. I also remember the title Jikiriz but forgot the story.

Anonymous said...


BARACCUDA, was Pidong Alcala's. It was Moby Dick and Jaws combined, pero wala pang Jaws noon. The protaganists were the bida ( son of the fisherman killed by PUTOL, the baraccuda, dahil mi putol ang buntot nito, tinamaan siguro ng elise ng motorboat ng maliit pa). Basically, silang dalawa ang major characters. Ang setting eh sa South seas, ng Southern Philippines.

Devlin was Mars and Nestor's. Giant flying fish si Devlin, who befriended the young boy who was the sole survivor of a ship-wreck. Mayroon pa palang inhabitant doon sa island which turned out to be a beautiful woman who became the wife of the bida. Ang problema ng buntis na, walang komadrona, and the bida requested Devlin to bring them back to civilization para madala sa maternity ward ang asawa. Buhay squatter sila sa Maynila of course, kasi mga illiterate sila, not equipped to compete with the rat race, kaya another request to Devlin, na uwi na lang sila sa paradise island. Out of sight ang illustrations dito ni Mang Nestor !



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