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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Marlene Dauden is considered one of the greatest Filipina drama actresses of all time. She achieved her legendary status as a film thespian during her film career that spanned from the 1950s up to the 1970s. During the height of her fame, she was one of the most bankable stars of Sampaguita Pictures, which used to be one of the leading Philippine movie studios of the era.

Marlene started out doing bit parts until she was cast in heavy supporting roles such as the black sheep sister of Paraluman in Anino ni Bathala in 1958, where she won her first the FAMAS Award. With her newfound popularity and her recent FAMAS victory, she was then cast as the lead star in her first leading role in the movie Rosa Rossini. After Sampaguita Pictures declined in the 1960s, she became a freelance actress, giving her more freedom to choose more challenging dramatic roles and winning awards in the process.

Movie Confidential Cover/ August 1959-
Marlene Dauden as Rosa Rossini, her first starring role

Marlene will forever be remembered in Philippine film history as the first Filipino thespian ever to win five acting awards from the FAMAS, which was the only film award-giving body in the Philippines during her time. She won Best Supporting Actress for her roles in the films Anino ni Bathala, Kamandag and Sapagka’t Kami’y Tao Lamang. (The latter was said to be her favorite film of hers.) She also won two Best Actress awards for the films Sa Bawa’t Pintig ng Puso and Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan.

Marlene won her third Famas Best Supportring Actress in this movie--- Sapagka't Kami'y Tao Lamang (1963)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden and Eddie Rodriguez/ Directed by Armando De Guzman

See The Troika of Eddie, Marlene and Lolita

Marlene made her last film in 1978 entitled Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin with Christopher de Leon, after which she migrated to the United States. She is currently married to former basketball star Ernesto Hernaez, with whom she has three children. They now reside in California, where Marlene runs a lumpia business while working as a medical office manager.

Source: Wikipedia

Marlene Dauden was introduced here--- Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak (1957)- Stars Susan Roces, Romeo Vasquez, Daisy Romualdez, Tony Marzan and Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Tony Cayado

Marlene won her first Famas Best Supporting Actress in this movie--- Anino ni Bathala (1958)- Stars Paraluman, Ric Rodrigo and Marlene Dauden with Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Conrado Conde

Berdaderong Ginto (1958)- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Barbara Perez, Marlene Dauden, Greg Martin, Eddie Garcia/ Direcetd by Mar S. Torres

Kundiman ng Puso (1958)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Arenas, Tony Marzan and Marlene Dauden/ Directed by Tony Cayado

Mapait na Lihim (1958)- Stars Ric Rodrigo, Lolita Rodriguez, Van De Leon and Marlene Dauden/ Directed by Octavio Silos

Marlene won her Second Famas Best Supporting Actress in this movie--- Kamandag (1959)- Stars Jose Padilla, Jr., Fred Montilla, Van de Leon, Tony Marzan, Eddie Garcia, Paraluman, Rita Gomez, Marlene Dauden, Rosa Mia/ Directed by Jose de Villa

Sa Bawa't Pintig ng Puso (1964)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Marlene Dauden and Alona Alegre with Vilma Santos in a special role/Directed by Armando De Guzman

Maria Cecilia (1965)- Stars Marlene Dauden, Van De Leon, Alona Alegre, Tony Cruz, Jr., Vilma Santos and Jose Mari/ Directed by Ding M. De Jesus

Sa Bawa't Lansangan (1966)- Stars Juancho Gutierrez, Marlene Dauden, Tito Galla, Liberty Ilagan, Naty Santiago, Juvy Cachola, Dindo Fernando, Bert Leroy, Jr., Pepito Rodriguez and Rosa Mia/ Directed by Romy Villaflor

Bakit Pa Ako Isinilang (1966)- Stars Gloria Romero, Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden,Paraluman, Ric Rodrigo, Vic Vargas, Bert LeRoy, Jr. and Rosa Mia/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

Ako'y Magbabalik (1966)- Stars Joseph Estrada, Marlene Dauden, Van de Leon, Tito Galla and Rosa Rosal/ Directed by Armando Garces

Maghapong Walang Araw (1966)- Stars Marlene Dauden, Rosemarie, Pepito Rodriguez and Ric Rodrigo/ Directed by Jose De Villa

Langit Pa Rin Kita (1967)- Stars Marlene Dauden Cielito Del Mundo, Margie Tanquintic, Ike Lozada and Fred Galang/ Directed by Teody P. Recio

Simula ng Walang Hanggan (1968)- Stars Marlene Dauden, Liberty Ilagan, Lito Legaspi and Arnold Mendoza/ Directed by Jose Flores Sibal

Gumuho Man Ang Langit! (1969)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Barbara Perez, Eddie Garcia, Renato Robles, Katy De La Cruz/ Directed by Luis Enriquez

Pagkakamali Ba? (1970)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden, Jeanne Young, Eddie Garcia/ Directed by Luis Enriquez

Babae... Ikaw ang Dahilan! (1972)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Rodriguez and Marlene Dauden/ Directed by Luis Enriquez


TheCoolCanadian said...

I saw two films starring Marlene Dauden and I think she portrayed her roles on both of them quite competently: MILAROSA from Larry Santiago Productions, based on Aning Bagabaldo's DZRH Radio Serial; and ALIPIN NG BUSABOS, a Mars Ravelo Bulaklak Magazine serial, also from Larry Santiago Productions.

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Unknown said...

She is a popular actress of the 1950's & the 1960's in several countless movies and television star of Salamisim & Panagimpan then emigrated to United States since the early 1980's and worked as a hospital/medical office then became an entrepreneur for lumpia business and married to former basketball player Nonggoy Hernandez they have three children includes Carol Dauden she is also an actress now based in San Francisco California and remains a iconic celebrities of all time..thanks for the information about your comments in your opinion .From:Wayne


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