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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Molave (1961)- Stars Manuel Conde, Leroy Salvador, Rosita Noble,
Gloria Sevilla, Victor Sevilla, Bruno Punzalan, Flor Bien/
Produced and Directed by Manuel Conde

April 22 was Earth Day. It was designated by the United Nations for the whole world to try to save the Earth. Al Gore's prize-winning documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, tells about the climate crisis that threatens life on earth.

Did you know that 47 years ago the great Manuel Conde did a movie that deals on environmental problem? Yes, Conde saw that problem which we are facing right now. The movie, Molave (1961) was considered the first tagalog movie that focuses on the issue of forest denudation and the clamor for its preservation and conservation.


Dennis Villegas said...

Very interesting! It would have been great if this movie has been preserved for us to view now, when every environmental issues are very obvious. Back then, I bet most viewers would consider this movie to be too presumptuous.

James DR said...

I read in one interview with Manuel Conde before that the movie "Molave" has been part of the Bureau of Forestry's film showing whenever there is a seminar or conference being held at that office (meron pa bang ganitong agency sa government? or replaced by another name?) Baka naman nasa bodega lang nila ito at nakalimutan na.

Aristotle Kissey said...

It would be great if someone has it and share it..

Aristotle Kissey said...

I would love to see this film...one of the cast on this film is my mom and i havent seen it..


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