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Thursday, April 10, 2008


"Ligaw na Bulaklak" (1976)- Alma's first starring role- Stars Alma Moreno, Vic Silayan, Marissa Delgado, Yvonne, Charina Alonzo, Anita Linda and Jun Mariano/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

Alma Moreno is a popular movie and television personality in the late 70s and 80s. She was born Venesa Lacsamana on May 25, 1959 in Cervantes, Ilocos Sur to Frank Lacsamana and Jean Moreno, a couple who lived a simple, yet noble life.

She appeared in her first movie as a dama in Urduja with Amalia Fuentes. Her first starring role was Ligaw na Bulaklak with Vic Silayan, which launched her to full stardom. The 1976 film was directed by Philippine National Artist Ishmael Bernal.

From then on until the late '80s, Alma starred in a number of skin flicks that were big hits at the box-office. Thus, Moreno reigned as the "Sex Goddess of Philippine Movies" in the '70s and '80s.

Bernal also directed her in one of the best Filipino films of all time, City After Dark (1981).

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"Mrs. Eva Fonda, 16" (1976)- Stars Alma Moreno, Celia Rodriguez, Ernie Garcia, Perla Bautista, Josephine Garcia, Amado Cortez/ Directed by Emmanuel Borlaza

"Bakit Ako Mahihiya?" (1976)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Alma Moreno and Lolita Rodriguez/ Directed by Lauro Pacheco

"Hinog Sa Pilit: The Adult Kid" (1976)- Stars Alma Moreno, Anna Gonzales, Ramil Rodriguez and Jay Ilagan/ Directed by Nilo Saez

"Walang Karanasan" (1976)- Stars Alma Moreno, George Estregan, Eddie Garcia, Perla Bautista, Jun Mariano/ Directed by Arsenio Bautista

"Bitayin si...Baby Ama" (1976)- Stars Alma Moreno and Rudy Fernandez (Rudy's first starring role/ Directed by Jun Gallardo

"Ikaw...Ako, Laban sa Mundo" (1976)- Stars Alma Moreno and Rudy Fernandez/ Directed by Jun Gallardo

"Jail Break "(1976)- Stars Tony Ferrer and Alma Moreno/ with Nick Romano, Brenda Del Rio and Rex Lapid/ Directed by Eliseo Corcuerra

"Masikip Maluwang, Paraisong Parisukat" (1977)- Stars Christopher de Leon and Alma Moreno/ with Eddie Garcia, Nova Villa, Lorli Villanueva and Barbara Luna/ Directed by Elwood Perez

"King" (1977)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr. and Alma Moreno/
Directed by Ronwaldo Reyes

"Mga Bilanggong Birhen" (1977)- Stars Alma Moreno, Trixia Gomez, Rez Cortez, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Mario Montenegro, Barbara Luna, Ruffy Mendoza and Leroy Salvador/ Directed by Mario O'Hara and Romy Suzara

"Bomba Star" (1978)- Stars Alma Moreno, Eddie Gutierrez, George Estregan Dindo Fernando, Roel Vergel De Dios, Celia Rodriguez, Marissa Delgado and Ricky Belmonte/ Directed by Joey Gosiengfiao

"Lagi na Lamang ba akong Babae?" (1978)- Stars Christopher de Leon, Bembol Roco, Mat Ranillo III, Eddie Gutierrez and Alma Moreno/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

"Huwag Hamakin: Hostess" (1978)- Stars Nora Aunor, Alma Moreno, Orestes Ojeda/ Directed by Joey Gosiengfiao

"Magkaribal" (1979)- Stars Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon and Alma Moreno/ Directed by Elwood Perez

"Bedspacers" (1979)- Stars Alma Moreno, Rio Locsi, Amy Austria, Al Tantay, Mark Gil, Orestes Ojeda, Deborah Sun/ Directed by Joey Gosiengfiao

"Nympha" (1980)- Stars Alma Moreno, Ricky Belmonte, Orestes Ojeda, Deborah Sun/ Directed by Joey Gosiengfiao

"Palaban" (1980)- Stars Amalia Fuentes and Alma Moreno/
Directed by Eddie Romero

"Tambay sa Disco" (1981)- Stars Alma Moreno, Beth Bautista, Tet Antiquera, William Martinez, Greggy Liwag and Al Tantay/ Directed by Cloyd Robinson

"City After Dark" (1981)- Stars Charito Solis, Alma Moreno, Lorna Tolentino, Rio Locsin, Cherie Gil, Gina ALajar, Orestes Ojeda, Bernado Bernardo and Wiliam Martinez/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal


paul h roquia said...

i just wonder why 'LARUANG APOY' is not included in Alma Moreno's filmography? she did a good job in a dual role as vic vargas' other woman & their daughter.

Anonymous said...

sa movie na malikot...magaling din siya doon.....sa lahat ng mga movies niya na kung saan same ang plot na mahirap siya ginamit katawan niya para yumaman..itong "MALIKOT" na movie ni alma ang gusto ko sa lahat.

nagloloko ang website na ito kaya di ko mareveal ang names ko....search nyo na lang sa philippine classic movies....blogs sa friendster....and other website makikita yon.

Unknown said...

i hope copies of those old films are still available.

Unknown said...

there was a time when alma was the best. just before rudy got her after dumping leila hermosa who was also pretty.

zachzybel said...
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zachzybel said...
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zachzybel said...

I believe she was once the reigning Bold Queen of her time.Adding a face of innocence' in her makes her one of The Most Beautiful Actresses of Phil.Cinema.She must have been a great actress too.Sana binigyan lang sya ng chance.I actually saw her film Mrs.Eva Fonda 16 at dun sa breakdown scene nya mag isa sa theater stage...Ang Galing-galing nya dun!She shoud've won an acting trophy for that scene.Siguro hindi lang talaga sys lucky sa mga acting trophies..Anyway,I'm really happy for her new achievement sa a Public Servant(Councilor)of Paranaque City.I wish her more power!Goodluck Ms.Alma and always stay Beautiful!!!

zachzybel said...

No offense meant to Ms.Lorna Tolentino.I really admire her too.She is one of the best Actresses this country has today!But the fact is between the 70's and the 80's it was really Alma Moreno who reigned stardom!REal Score yan.Lorna on the other hand really gained talents and later on emerged as a very good actress.Alma prceeded to become a public servant.And i love them both for that!Both Actresses are dear to me as i was looking forward growing up with such love ly Actresses.I think i've said enough.Goodluck to both of them.Beauty is Timeless.'

Anonymous said...

hello po saan po kya makakuha or makabili ng lahat ng movies ni Ms. Alma Moreno, hindi pa po ako ipinanganak nung sikat na sikat sya but my mother has a lot og magazines na c Alma Moreno ang nasa cover nagandahan ako sa looks nya at ang sexy malakas ang appeal..napakainosente ng kanyang mukha...kakaiba ...please anyone here na makapagsabi sa akin kung saan makabili ng mga movies nya bibili ako at kahit 200 pesos each bahala na...

Unknown said...

Thats one of my favorite. Until now maganda tlaga sya at d sya pwedeng ikumpara sa iba dahil nag iisa lang sya..


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