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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


These are parts of a huge scrapbook of 100 pages of Eddie Mesa, a popular 50s and 60s actor-singer. Rare photos, magazine articles, clippings and movie ads of this singing idol, dubbed as the Elvis Presley of the Philippines, are painstakingly and meticulously pasted on each page. I was impressed the first time I saw the album and I was glad it was offered to me. It cost me a hefty sum but it's worth it. I probably consider it as an Ultimate Eddie Mesa Scrapbook. A truly collector's item!


TheCoolCanadian said...


Looks like they were taken in the 1950s.

Every time I see images of the 50s I always get this notion that life during this decade was rather laid back, and somewhat innocent, too.

Ralph (Mark Gil) told me once that his dad (Eddie Mesa), is a very strict father when he and his siblings were growing up.

I believe Ralph, just because he's one of the more well-disciplined actors I've known in the 70s, and his good breeding really showed.

Now, looking at the photos of his dad, I hardly see any vestiges of a strict person. LOL.

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Simon, JM,
How many children does Eddie Mesa have? Was he estranged at one time from Rosemarie Gil, how come both Cherie Gil and Mark Gil, took the name Gil instead of Mesa? I just visited Cynthia Zamora this morning, and in our conversation (which covered everything from Chagall and Philippine movies),she said Eddie Mesa is now a minister for some church, and that the two (Rosemarie and Eddie) are still together.

TheCoolCanadian said...


I only know three: Micheal, Ralph, and Cherrie. All are fantastic actors. And well-disciplined. And last but not the least, REFINED. Eddie and Rosemarie did a good job raising their children.

Video 48 said...

Rod,JM- Eddie Mesa (real surname is Eigennman, of Swiss origin) and Rosemarie Gil have three children, Michael de Mesa, Mark Gil and Cherie Gil. After separated for 16 years, the two have reconciled in 1986 and happily together since then. Eddie now devoted his time spreading the Gospel and preaching the word of God. Many of Eddie’s grandchildren are in the movies right now.

Michael and ex-wife Gina Alajar (one of our finest actresses) have three good-looking and talented sons: Ryan, Geoff, and AJ, all of whom appear onscreen.

Mark is father to Gabby Eigennman, who's a singer. Gabby's mom is former starlet and commercial model Irene Celebre. He also has a beautiful daughter by Jaclyn Jose, Andie, the star of top-rating TV series Agua Bendita.

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Eddie Mesa is not as playboy as I thought,hehehe. What did he do in that 16 years of separation. I have not seen any of his children's movies, except for the gorgeous Cherie Gil, who I can't forget in Oro, Plata, Mata.

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Anonymous said...

Good Day Sir! Truly a collector's item. Anybody you know who has albums of Hilda Koronel, Gina Alajar, Vilma Santos and her sister Winnie of Apat na Sikat, and Christopher de Leon. Thank you so much.

hopeful said...


Do you have some pics of Eddie with his back-up band "The Hi-Jacks"? I'm making a blog for them and I already have some from our "baul". I'm hoping we could share. Thanks and Godbless!


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