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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Two weeks before his untimely death in 1968, hot-tempered action star Jess Lapid had an altercation with a movie bit player. This ugly and unfortunate incident took place during the awards rites commemorating the Third Manila Film Festival.

June 28, 1968--- An impromptu fistfight between action star Jess Lapid and a movie bit player marred last night's awards ceremonies of the Third Manila Film Festival at the Manila Hotel. The scuffle, which occurred at the back row of the Fiesta Pavilion, was hardly noticed by the crowd although Mayor Antonio Villegas, who was on stage, was attracted by the commotion as he stood up to investigate. Police Precinct 3 Patrolman Vicente Ramirez broke up the fight and hauled Lapid and his rival, Jose Antonio Carreon, 21, of 2754 Faraday, Makati, to the precinct.

Fans, who attended the ceremonies, said timely arrival of policemen prevented Carreon from being beaten up by Lapid's cronies--- Jun Aristorenas and Paquito Diaz--- who surrounded Carreon as he wrestled with Lapid. AT the precinct headquarter, Lapid would not talk to give his side. At one instance, he even berated newsmen for "being too enterprising" and hurled unprintable remarks at a TV cameraman and a news photographer. Police sources said the fistfight was triggered by an altercation over a girl.

Two weeks after, in the early the morning of July 13, 1968, Jess Lapid was shot dead inside a Quezon City nightclub. Details here.

Taliba/ August 29, 1968


Rodolfo Samonte said...

The policeman hauled both Lapid and his rival? I don't think so. That's probably easier said than done. He must have had some help.

Lapid's last words, "Bring me to the nearest hospital" to the taxi driver. The nearest hospital was probably St. Lukes also on Quezon Blvd.Ext. National Orthopedic Hospital where he was brought and where he died was way away in Mandaluyong. Lapid didn't have any companions with a car who knew better? How was he even able to flag a taxi?

pepman said...

pantalon ba talaga yung suot niya?

TheCoolCanadian said...
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TheCoolCanadian said...

Yes, Pepman, PANTALON nga! Iyan yata ang tinatawag nila noon na BASTON? Tama ba ako, Mr. Samonte? :)

Mr. Lapid seemed to have been proned to troubles and altercations. I wonder why? Was the trouble brought to him by other people, or did he deliberately put himself in the path of his aggressors?

Rodolfo Samonte said...

JM, Pepman,
Hahahaha, baston o de baston. Tight fitting. I think ang sumunod ay low-waist na de baston. Ugly bastard for men, but nice on shapely women. I never did follow that trend. I was glad when "flairs" or "bell-bottoms" came along.
BTW, St. Lukes was on Espana Ext. still the closest hospital. It is now the biggest hospital system I think in Manila with a new one in Global City or The Fort in Taguig.

TheCoolCanadian said...

Bell Bottom, naabutan ko na iyan noong mid 1970s, though I never liked the flapping bottom, so I stuck with the straight cut. He-he. Lo-waist, akala ko 1950s nina FPJ and company. May film pa sila noong Lo-waist Gang, right? Hindi na yata bumalik ang Lo-waist noong 1970s. Ngayon naman, halos BAYAG-WAIST na ang pantalon. Nakakabaliw tignan. Labas na ang pubic hair ng mga ilang kabataang kalalakihan na ayaw magsuot ng underwear. Nagtitipid kaya dahil sa economic downturn?
:) Iyang mga uso talaga. Nakakasira ng kukote.

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Actually Lo-waist made a comeback, combined with de Baston in the early 60s. It called for really tight pants but the top sometimes could go down to 5 inches, maybe shorter, I think they even had one-inch. Exactly what they have now you call bayag-waist. I remember this distinctly as this was when I was about to enter UST, 1960. Or was that just leftover from the 50s? And now it's come back. And bell-bottoms have also made a comeback. Fashion is cyclical. I don't follow anything now, hahaha, I wear blue jeans all the time.

Anonymous said...


Tama yung Taxi driver, na nagdala ki Jess Lapid sa hospital. Sa Banawe lang yun. Nabaril si Jess sa bar sa may PANTRANCO,terminal sa Quezon Blvd. kaya very short distance lang at straight drive.Pag dating sa Banawe liliko sa kanan at yun na...
Kaya TAKAW BAROG sila Jess noon dahil onscreen mga Pinoy Pistolero sila. Ang nagchallenge yata sa kanya ang naghamon ng DRAW, to really see who was the fastest gun alive...



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