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Friday, May 7, 2010


Exercise your right to vote! Go out and vote on Monday, May 10!

Comedy legends Pugo and Lopito starred in two unforgettable movies lampooning the Philippine election of 1963,
Miting de Avance and Pitong Pasiklab sa Pulitika.

"Miting de Avance" (1963)- Stars Pugo, Lopito, Rod Navarro, Carina Afable, Popoy, Levi Celerio, Pat Salem & Dinky Doo/ Directd by Natoy Catindig

"Pitong Pasiklab sa Pulitika" (1963)- Stars Pugo, Lopito, Pugak, Tugak, Pabo, Pablo, Pabo and Bentot/ with Fe Galvez, Carina Mojer, Martin Marfil, Manolo Robles/ Directed Luis San Juan

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Rodolfo Samonte said...

Eleksyon: Masayang, madugo, noon at ngayon.


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