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Friday, April 30, 2010


Three exhibits opened last April 27 at the West Gallery at the Mary Santos Artcade, 48 West Ave., Quezon City. These are Recent Works by Steve Santos at Gallery 1, Pictures at the Exhibition by Pandy Aviado at Gallery 2, and Radiance by Cid Reyes at Gallery 3. The exhibits are on view until May 22.

At Gallery 1, Steve Santos, in his latest exhibit, veers away from focusing on a singular subject or concept, opting to concentrate his creative energy on urban landscapes in acrylic. “It allows me to show patterns and the composition of a city or a location’s specific geographic area, its environment and its social patterns,” says Santos, making sure that his works come out the same way as he envisioned them the first time. The result is a collection that reflects Santos’s confidence in his skills and unique quality in letting colors and lines seamlessly form their own rhythm in the composition. As most people hurriedly go about their daily routines, Santos pauses as his brushes breathe life into the surroundings that often go unnoticed.

At Gallery 2, Artist Pandy Aviado considers his pieces as “works in progress” until they are sold. For his latest exhibit, titled Pictures @ the Exhibition (Homage to Mussorgsky), he is presenting artworks that were refined over time with layers and layers of paint. The title of the exhibit is based on the musical piece Aviado was listening to while working on the said pieces. “Most of the images are from my works in the 80s and 90s. The initial image is a print from an etching. Through the years, I paint over them until they end up as a painting,” explains Aviado. The result is a collection that is meant to be seen primarily in an assemblage or in an intimate space of a collector.

And at Gallery 3, Cid Reyes showcases his recent abstract paintings with the collective title “Radiance.” An avowed abstractionist, Reyes, who is also one of the country’s respected art critics, explores the interaction between light and a highly activated surface. This is Reyes 16th solo exhibition.

Bencab and Steve Santos

Bencab, Steve Santos, Pandy Aviado and Soler Santos

Rod Samonte, Steve Santos, Joey Ibay, Cid Reyes,
Bencab, Dom Briones and guests

Rod Samonte, Bencab, Steve Santos and Soler Santos

Steve Santos, Heber Bartolone and me

Rod Samonte, Me, Steve Santos with son Michael

Tence Ruiz and Bencab

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Rodolfo Samonte said...

I'm back in Burbank, and immediately went to your blog. Ok itong posting. It's good to have met you in the flesh (as I said there, pogi ka pala, eh, hehehe). Also good seeing Cid Reyes who's my compadre and art pal from way, way back, Steve of course, Bencab and Annie, Pandy Aviado, Heber Bartolome and others. Sayang hindi ko nakita si Malang. Ganda ng gallery at ang saya ng opening.
It was really my good fortune, that opening happened while I was there.

Video 48 said...

Thanks Rod! Glad to meet you in person! More photos of you at my Facebook Account.

Anonymous said...


Ang bilis naman ng bakasyon mo! ilang araw ba? nahagip mo ang heat wave ano?


Rodolfo Samonte said...

Ang bilis talaga. Meron ngang nag-comment, para daw akong e-mail attachment, one day I'm there next day I'm here. The hottest day in Manila ang inabot ko. Init talaga.


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