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Thursday, April 29, 2010


In 1952, Mars Ravelo and Clodualdo del Mundo came up with a komiks novel titled Texas, probably the first one dealing on “talking chickens.” The novel, illustrated by Elpidio Torres and serialized in Pilipino Komiks, was adapted into the big screen with Pancho Magalona, Linda Estrella and Texas, the chicken (would you believe it?) in the title role.

In 2008, writer-illustrator Gerry Alanguilan created and published Elmer, a four-part comic series about the whole chicken race intermingling and interacting with the human race.

The controversial National Artist (?) Carlo J. Caparas also came up with one in 1981. The komiks novel, Harimanok, appeared on the pages of Superstar Komiks. It was drawn by Mar Santana.

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Nobela ni Carlo J. Caparas

Guhit ni Mar Santana



I remember enjoying Harimanok as a kid but instead of being an actual chicken in form, I recall the character as an awesome looking feathered man superhero with the head of a chicken. Not sure who that character was now...

PobrengO10 said...

Yes I also enjoyed that comic character and yes he was called Harimanok and he had the physique that you mentioned. It was published in the Cebuano counterpart of LIWAYWAY Magazine...


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