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Sunday, April 4, 2010


"Parola" (1949)- Stars Jaime dela Rosa, Norma Blancaflor, Gil de Leon, Oscar Obligacion, Priscilla Cellona, Naty Bernardo, Jaime Castellvi/ Directed by Jose Climaco

Set against the backdrop of an isolated and solitary lighthouse in a remote island, Parola tells of a man named Juan Moreno (Jaime dela Rosa) falsely accused of murder and sentenced to a jail term. Believed to have been drowned along with the other prisoners in a shipwreck on their way to a penal colony, Juan was swept away on an island where Mang Pekto (Gil de Leon) and his family had isolated themselves.

Pekto abandoned city life when he discovered his wife’s infidelity. He took refuge in this island with his daughters Lilian (Norma Blancaflor) and Estrella (Priscilla Cellona) and sister Lalia (Naty Bernardo).

After recuperating, Juan disguised himself as Juaning Marcelino. He soon fell in love with Lilian. However, Rolando (Jaime Castellvi), the captain of the ship that delivers supplies to the family, was also in love with Lilian. He found out Juan’s true identity and informed the authorities about it. Juan was arrested.

For a time, Juan’s case was reopened and with new evidence recovered, he was acquitted. Pekto and his family, on the other hand, went back to the city hoping to live a normal life. Juan and Lilian are eventually reconciled.

Stills: LVN PicturesHere's a short clip of this wonderful movie. Enjoy!---

Courtesy of LVN Pictures


TheCoolCanadian said...


During my university days, we've had Joe Climaco's documentary films as part of our Philippine cinema classes. He must have concentrated in documentary films later in his career, because I have never seen any feature film from him in the 1970s. I have finally sampled his feature film here and it's not bad at all. The blocking is smooth and the choice of location is gnarly. And that unusual shaped tree where Norma Blancaflor sat is definitely a good find, while that scene with Gil de Leon taking care of the lighthouse has some "documentary" feel to it. I've never had any idea how the lighthouse work and this scene gave me some idea.

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Priscilla Cellona was one actress that no one remembers now. Well, at least I do. I think I've seen her in a couple of movies back in those days, but I can hardly remember her face. Too bad the clip only shows glimpses of her, and at a distance with Oscar Obligacion.
Where are all these Rogelio dela Rosa and Jaime dela Rosa clips coming from? Somebody must have been saving them.
Yet there's not even one movie with Cynthia Zamora that was saved? She starred with Rogelio dela Rosa too. I wonder if that was saved.

Video 48 said...

Thanks JM, Rod! I really appreciate all your comments, insights, views on various topics and readers learn new each time.

Rod, Priscilla Cellona starred in”Pag-asa” with Armando Goyena. I’ll be uploading a clip of that film in the future so you and others can get a glimpse of this fine actress.

Anonymous said...

The judged in this film is play by GUMERCINDO BUENCAMINO,who is the chief of the administration department of LVN Pictures.


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