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Monday, September 29, 2014


Eddie Nicart, director, stuntman, actor, passes away last Saturday, Sept 27. He was 68.

From a stuntman in the late 60s, slowly making a name as a character actor in the 70s and director in the 80s, Nicart, though underrated, somehow made a mark in the local movie industry with a respectable  film credentials to his name.  His name though doesn't ring a bell in the movie circle and his death was not even mentioned in the news. We just heard this sad news from friends in the social media. Nicart, sad to say, was one of our so-called unsung heroes being neglected by our local film industry. 

Farewell, direk Eddie Nicart...

Eddie Nicart (right) being introduced and interviewed by director and writer Andrew Leavold, during the film screening of  "The Search for Weng Weng" documentary at Cine Adarna, UP Diliman, Nov. 29, 2013.


"Agent OO" (1981)

 "For Y'ur Height Only" (1981)

"D' Wild Wild Weng" (1982)

"Impossible Kid" (1982)

"Alamat ni Leon Guerrero" (1982)


"The Cute... The Sexy n' the Tiny" (1983)

 "Zigomar" (1984)

"Tatak: Magnum" (1984)

"Hari ng Gatilyo" (1985)

"Renato Solidum...Kumander Lawin"  (1986)

---AS ACTOR---

"Kidlat sa Karate" (1968)
 "The Incomparable" (1969)

"Liquidation Squad" (1969)

"Vengadora" (1969)

"Alamo Scouts" (1970)

"Omar Cassidy and the Sandalyas Kid" (1970)

"Ibilanggo si...Cavite Boy" (1974)

 "Ang Lihim ni Rosa Henson sa Buhay ni Kumander Lawin" (1976)

"Gameng" (1977)

"Kid Kaliwete" (1978)

"Chopstick Kid" (1979)

"Viva Santiago" (1981)

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