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Thursday, July 10, 2014


"I Believe" (1961)
People's Pictures, Inc.
Release Date March 30, 1961/ Life
Story Mars Ravelo
Serialized in Hiwaga Komiks
Music Tony Maiquez
Direction Cesar Gallardo
Cast Zaldy Zshornack, Mina Aragon, Lauro Delgado, Carol Varga, Oscar Keesee, Teroy de Guzman, Renato Robles, Mary Walter, Benny Mack, Vic Andaya, Africa de la Rosa, Lucita Soriano

Literary Song-Movie Magazine
February 28, 1961

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Lead star Mina Aragon with Dad, Lou Salvador, Sr.

The angelic face of Viring was beautifully executed by talented artist and illustrator Elpidio Torres.

Himala (1980)- Stars Nora Aunor and a cast of thousands/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

When I saw Ishmael Bernal's Himala the first time in 1980, I was reminded of the 1960 movie I Believe. Both movies focused on the issues of one's true faith and devotion, their beliefs, infidelity, faithfullness, unfaithfullness... It involved all kinds of people, different characters--- the saints and the sinners, the believers and non-believers... 

There's a strong similarity between the two main characters --- visionaries Elsa in Himala and Viring in I Believe--- both had visions of the Virgin Mary and subsequently their ability to cure and heal the sick.

I Believe was based from the popular 1961 komiks-serial novel by Mars Ravelo which was serialized in Hiwaga komiks. It was adapted into the movie that year with Zaldy Zshornack and newcomer Mina Aragon. Aragon (of the Salvador clan) was introduced in the movie portraying the challenging role of Viring.

I Believe- Serialized in Hiwaga Komiks/
Story by Mars Ravelo/ Artwork by Elpidio Torres/ 1961

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TheCoolCanadian said...
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Video 48 said...

Thanks, JM for sharing your thoughts, experiences and insights. Regards!

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Simon, JM,
That's why so many of our wonderful Pilipino movies are gone never to be seen again. What I'd give to see Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo, which I saw in a third run theater in Sampaloc, and left me so impressed I never forgot it, nor the actors in it: Pempe Padilla, Anita Linda and a young Boy Soriano. I met Boy as a young man, and bohemian painter in Paris years later, and I told him I remember him in that movie. Or Higit Sa Lahat (do you know if this movie is around somewhere?) the Rogelio delaRosa and Emma Alegre starrer, that stunned me when I saw it, that I fell in love with Emma Alegre. Both movies I think won Famas Best Picture. I heard there's a restaurant in Makati owned by the children of Miss Alegre that has memorabilias of her. A must see next time I'm in Manila. I used to go to LVN as a kid, and I remember film scattered all over the place, what a real waste.
By the way Simon, the Hiwaga cover, I think, is a collaboration of Teny Henson and Fred Carillo, or it could be pure Carillo. Thanks for this wonderful blog, one of my favorite places to go.

Video 48 said...

Thanks for all those wonderful memories, Rod! Looking forward for some more. I'm not sure who drew the Hiwaga cover.

Anonymous said...


Si Boy Soriano ba at si Aro Soriano who was a Painting Major at the Atelier, are the same ?

Tama, collaboration nga ni Teny and Fred most likely iyan !

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Yes, Aro Soriano and Boy Soriano are one and the same. Boy Soriano was his screen name. He only made one or two other films and quit to concentrate on his art. He lived in Madrid, Paris, where I met him, and surviving on sales of this art. I think in his old age he's back in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Aro Soriano is indeed back in the Philippines since 1982. He is currently an Art Restorer, having restored a wide range of artworks by Philippine masters.


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