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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Miss the days when homegrown talents were kings of the hardcourt. The influx of Fil-Am players dampens my enthusiasm on the games.

Toyota's Robert Jaworski and the fallen Crispa's Alberto Guidaben

Crispa's Philip Cezar , the master shot-blocker

Crispa's William Adornado and Toyota's Robert Jaworski

Crispa's Fortunato 'Atoy' Co dribbling against defender Toyota's Robert Jaworski

Toyota's Ramon Fernandez going against Crispa's Abet Guidaben

Atoy Co against Jaworski

Ginebra's Chito Loyzaga

Benjie Paras

Prized import Billy Ray Bates

Ginebra's Billy Ray Bates and Michael Hackett

Photos: PBA 20 Years in Pictures (1975-94)


TBR said...

love it. more basketball please!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir! Destiny Cable's Channel 83 are showing classic PBA games on a daily basis. Last time I watched, it was an early '90s game between a Ramon Fernandez-led San Miguel Beer and a young Alvin Patrimonio-led Purefoods. Been watching because it always shows games of Alaska during its grandslam year. Big Alaska fan here!

Nehv @ PBA Latest News said...

The PBA superstars have a big influence on many viewers of PBA, because we know that basketball is the leading sport here in the Philippines. Those photos with the great shot of the PBA superstars were really amazing. Thanks for sharing it.


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