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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Rhea Santos, an award-winning broadcast journalist, host and newscaster of GMA Network Channel 7, visited Video 48 last March 3 for the taping of her weekly program, “Tunay na Buhay.” The shop was used as a backdrop for the episode on the life of Gino Antonio, a popular bold star of the 80s.

I was touched by the very warm message of Ms. Santos when my staff asked the pretty host for an autograph.

Rhea Santos


Anonymous said...

Do you know when is the Gino Antonio episode airing? Thanks!

Video 48 said...

Naipalabas na po! Salamat!

TheCoolCanadian said...

Hi Simon:

I missed this post.

I have just realized now why many people are saying that Joey's last name is different, other than what he used to have before joining the pene movies. Reading this article, it dawned on me that he's using his mother's maiden name as his last name. I didn't realize this early on and I think this is the best way to stay away from scrutiny, especially for the sake of his siblings. I wished I've never mentioned his father's last name before somewhere, maybe it is here in your blog. Nevertheless, what's more important now is that he's happy and doing well in the Visayas.

A nice guy such as he, deserves to be happy.


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