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Monday, March 7, 2011


The Society of Filipino Archivists for Film (SOFIA) will be screening Mario O'Hara's Bagong Hari on March 12, 2 p.m. at Tanghalang Manuel Conde, Cultural Center of the Philippines. It was originally scheduled to be shown last March 5, but due to unforeseen circumstances, said screening was canceled. Released only in 1986, the original print of the movie, however was reportedly lost but luckily a video copy was found. The movie starred Dan Alvaro under Mario O' Hara's direction. Admission is free!

"Bagong Hari" (1986)- Stars Dan Alvaro, Carmi Martin, Joel Torre, Robert Arevalo, Perla Bautista, Celso Ad Castillo and Elvira Manahan/ Directed by Mario O'Hara

Synopsis--- Born into poverty, Addon Labrador (Dan Alvaro), a tugboat worker, is initiated to life's harrowing journey when his genial existence is ruptured by the sudden illness of his mother. Broke and burdened with a huge hospital bill, he reluctantly agrees to participate in a game of death which offers a large sum of money to the victor. Defeating his opponent only earns the ire of Rex (Joel Torre), the murderous son of La Paz governor Nenuca Cailles (Elvira Manahan), who, to avenge his loss and humiliation, orders his goons to abduct Addon. With a gun on his head, Addon finds himself as a pawn in the vicious battle for political supremacy between rival groups vying for the governor's office. At one point, Addon is tricked into killing his own father, whom his captors have identified as political traitor and opportunist. Addon is later ordered salvaged but he manages to escape. In retaliation, his mother is ordered killed and his fiancee tortured. Addon fights back, and in a final rampage destroys his enemies in a hair-raising show of fist blows and firepower.
(Source: Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino)

Bagong Hari, A Review by Jojo Devera

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