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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Do you still remember the 1977 movie, The Other Side of Midnight? It was shown here in 1978 and I saw it three times. It was a flop in the States but a hit here. A very young Susan Sarandon is in the cast starred in by a beautiful Marie France-Pisier, a French actress. I don't agree with film critic Leonard Maltin when he gave it a very dismal 'Bomb' rating. I got hold of a dvd copy of it just recently and I still love it when I watched it the fourth time.


Rodolfo Samonte said...

Know what, this is my favorite too. I've seen the movie a few times, and fell in love with Marie-France Pissier the French actress who played Noelle, even looked for her other movies. I read the novel too by Sydney Sheldon, I can't quite remember now how it was, whether it was the usual better-than-the-film, but I think I could not put it down. Also if I remember right, the novel had a sequel and there was a movie too. One of those unforgettable love stories, just like Somewhere In Time, with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour(which I've seen a few times too).

Dennis said...

Had to disagree with Maltin's thoughts on the movie, this has got to be the best Sheldon adaptation in film or even in a tv-movie/mini-series.

I had the dvd of this film, too with a nice jacket to boot. Read the the book twice and the only major difference I've noticed between the two medium is the character of Marie-France Pissier as Noelle Page. In the novel, she was made too scheming and femme-fatale-ish while in the film, she was made to look sympathetic. It works in the film, I have to say.

John Beck as Larry Douglas just doesn't cut well for me. There are more dashing actors that could fit the 'murderous' role.

Nice view Mr. Samonte! The sequel happens to be Memories Of Midnight which was turn into a mini-series starring Jane Seymour and Omaer Sharif.

Nice you post this film Mr. Simon. I loved Sheldon (read all of his novels, others more than once). Appreciate it.

jellicleblog said...

Hi! I super love the novel. I read it when I was in 2nd year high school and I'd still read it everytime I have the luxury of re-reading my Sheldon collection.

It took me a few years before I came across a copy of the film version, but I had the chance of seeing it in Betamax during the early 90s. I'd say it was great.

It's nice seeing the poster here in your blog. I'm wondering though where I can get a DVD copy of the film.

jellicleblog said...

@ Rodolfo: The sequel of the Other Side...is Memories of Midnight. :)


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