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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sometime in the mid 70s, matinee idol Romeo Vasquez returned to the movie scene after a long absence, his movie career in limbo after his failed marriage with popular actress Amalia Fuentes. His teamup with Vilma Santos somehow rekindled and revived his career. Their first movie together, Nag-aapoy na Damdamin in 1976 turned out to be a big hit. Despite their age gap, reel and real life sweetheart, Romeo, 34 and Vilma, 23, soon became the hottest love team, doing one hit movies after another. They became the talk of the town when the so-called "betamax" sex scandal surfaced. However, there's no truth to the rumor. I remember Ms. Marichu Maceda offering a P1 million reward to someone who could produce the said video clip.

The two appeared together in nine movies ---

1. Nagaapoy na Damdamin (HPS/ Dec.3, 1976)
2. Pulot-Gata (Puwede Kaya?) (HPS/ July1, 1977)
3. Dalawang Pugad Isang Ibon (LEA/ Oct.7, 1977)
4. Pinagbuklod ng Pag-ibig (TIIP/ Jan.19, 1978)
5. Bakit Kailangan Kita (LEA/ Feb.3, 1978)
6. Pag-ibig Ko Sa Iyo Lang Ibibigay (HPS/ Dec. 1, 1978)
7. Swing it Baby (LEA/ Mar.9, 1979)
8. Gusto Kita Mahal Ko Siya (TIIP/ Oct.3, 1980)
9. Ayaw Kong Maging Querida (TIIP/ Feb.18, 1983)

Left- "Nag-aapoy na Damdamin" (1976)- Stars Romeo Vasquez and Vilma Santos/ with Aurora Salve, Walter Navarro, Romy Diaz, Ely Roque, Tintoy, Tita de Villa, Pepot, Ruben Tizon/ Directed by Leonardo L. Garcia

Left- "Pulot-Gata (Puwede Kaya?)" (1977)- Stars Romeo Vasquez and Vilma Santos/ with Suzanne Gonzales, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Tange & Ruel Vernal/ Directed by Leonardo L. Garcia

Left- "Dalawang Pugad... Isang Ibon" (1977)- Stars Romeo Vasquez and Vilma Santos/ Mat Ranillo III, Anna Gonzales, Anita Linda, Fred Montilla, Laila Dee, Mary Walter, Roldan Rodrigo, Ann Villegas/ Directed by Ishmael Bernal

Right- "Pinagbuklod ng Pag-ibig" (1978)- Stars Romeo Vasquez and Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III/ Directed by Leonardo L. Garcia

Left- "Bakit Kailangan Kita..." (1978)- Stars Romeo Vasquez and Vilma Santos/ with Ma-an Hontiveros, Laurice Guillen, Romeo Enriquez & Mary Walter/ Directed by Emmanuel Borlaza

Right- "Pag-ibig Ko Sa Iyo Lang Ibibigay" (1978)- Stars Romeo Vasquez and Vilma Santos/ with Perla Bautista, Romy Diaz, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Nello Nayo, Dexter Doria, Ely Roque, Richard Romualdez/ Directed by Nilo Saez

"Swing It...Baby!" (1979)- Stars Romeo Vasquez and Vilma Santos/ with Amy Austria, Mike Monserrat, Tito, Vic & Joey, VST & Co., Sandy Garcia, Geleen Eugenio, Leo Dabao/ Directed by Al Quinn

Left- "Gusto Kita, Mahal Ko Siya" (1980)- Stars Romeo Vasquez, Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon/ with Rosemarie Gil, Ripp Rivera, Maila Gumila, Moonie Stevens, Cora Guinto/ Directed by Emmanuel Borlaza

Right- "Ayaw Kong Maging Querida" (1983)- Stars Romeo Vasquez, Vilma Santos, Carmi Martin/ with Norma Blancaflor, Elizabeth Poe, Ric Arellano & Atty. Milo Castelo/ Directed by Leonardo L. Garcia


enadurata said...

Thanks so much, Simon!
Best Regards!

mine said...

thank you for the info!
it's good to learn more about the stars of philippine cinema especially during its golden years.

especially like me, who belong to the younger generation. In a way we are more enlightened about that era. I don't know but even if i am just 19 years old, i love watching old movies during those years.

more power sir :D

Anonymous said...

Nag aapoy na damdamin was serialized in komiks... i used to follow the story then nung gagwin ng film medyo naputol i just waited for the film to be shown..okay naman... i saw this at Cinerama Theater. Surpringly naging hit ang movie kahit na early Decemeber ito pinalabas...usually kase tamd ang mga moviegoers ng ganung season kase everbody's anticipating for the annual filmfest.



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