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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Funnyman Redford White, Cipriano M. Cermeno II in real life, passed away Sunday morning, July 25 after a lingering battle with brain cancer. He was 54.

May you rest in Peace!
Thank you for 30 years of fun, laughter and memories. You will be greatly missed!

Left- "Iskul Bukol" (1980)- Stars Tito, Vic and Joey, Ruby Ana, Carmi Martin, Maluh dela Fuente/ with Richie d' Horsie, Bing Angeles, Mely Tagasa, Redford White & Dely Atay-Atyan/ Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Right- "Tartan" (1981)- Stars Tito, Vic and Joey, Deborah Sun, Ann Villegas, Louella/ with Max Alvarado, Joonee Gamboa, Dencio Padilla, Lucita Soriano, Rudy manlapaz, Balot, Richie d' Horsie, Redford White, Jimmy Santos & Mike Hanopol/ Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

The first time I saw him was in a TV sitcom, “Iskul Bukol,” sometime in 1979 as Mang Temi’s (Bing Angeles) househelp and cafeteria waiter. He has a very white complexion with white hair. I don’t know his real name, but he was known as Redford White, probably taken from a popular Hollywood actor, Robert Redford and White because of his extraordinary physical features. I would sense that time that he could succeed as a comedian because of his knack for comedy--- his great sense of humor and impeccable timing in delivering jokes. True enough, he was doing one roles after another, even starring in a lead roles, in such hit movies as Boni & Klayd (1981), Darakula (1982), Hee-man: Master of None (1983), Billy the Kid and the Sunshine Gid (1984), Swak (1985), Johnny Rambo Tan-go (1985) and Johnny Rocky Tan-go (1986). He continued his slew of successes with Buddy en Sol and a string of movies in the '90s, as well various shows this decade, including the hit TV series Kokey.

"Sinisinta Kita" (1981)- Stars Redford White and Pia Moran/with Pugak, Matimtiman Cruz, Cachupoy, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Bing Angeles, Mely Tagasa, Tatlong Itlog/ Directed by Angel Labra

"Boni & Klayd" (1981)- Stars Redford White and Pia Moran/with Panchito, Chichay, Cachupoy, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Renato del Prado, Bing Angeles/ Directed byAngel Labra

"Darakula" (1982)- Stars Redford White, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Lito Anzures, Pugak, Popoy, Ruel Vernal/ Introducing Claudia Zobel/ Directed byAngel Labra

Left- "Wrong Mistake" (1983)- Stars Chiquito and Redford White/ with Maria Teresa Carlson and Myrna Castillo/ Directed by Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao

Right- "Hee Man: Master of None" (1984)- Stars Redford White, Roderick Paulate, Emily Loren, Don Pepot, Tatlong Itlog, Joaquin Fajardo, Maning Bato/ Directed by Tony Y. Reyes

"Billy The Kid & The Sunshine Kid" (1984)- Stars Jess Lapid, Jr. and Redford White/ with Pia Moran, Cachupoy, Tatlong Itlog/ Directed by Tony Reyes

"Wrong Ranger" (1984)- Stars Redford White, Pia Moran, Cachupoy, Marilou Bendigo,Tatlong Itlog/ Directed by Angel Labra

Left- "Sekreta Ini" (1984)- Stars Redford White and Yusuf Salim/ with Paquito Diaz, Pia Moran, Cachupoy, Tatlong Itlog/ Directed by Angel Labra

"Johnny Rambo Tan-Go" (1985)- Stars Redford White , Panchito, Roderick Paulate, Palito, Jograd, Liz Alindogan, Nanette Inventor/ Directed by Ricky Santiago

"I Won! I Won!: Ang S'werte Nga Naman" (1985)- Stars Redford White, Cachupoy, Panchito, Chichay, Richie d' Horsie, Ike Lozada, Pepe Pimentel, Dely Atay-Atayan, Tatlong Itlog and Melissa Mendez/ Directed by Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao

Left- "S.W.A.K." (1985)- Stars Redford White, Panchito, Cahupoy, Tatlong Itlog/ with Jean Saburit, Nova Villa, Teroy de Guzman/ Directed by Dik Trofeo and Carlo Caparas

Right- "Tu-Yay and His Magic Payong" (1986)- Stars Redford White/ with Luis Gonzales, Delia Razon, Marita Zobel, Robert Campos, Jaypee de Guzman, Katrin Gonzales, Harlene Bautista, Marco Polo Garcia, Hero Bautista/ Directed by Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao

"Johnny Rocky Tang-Go" (1986)- Stars Redford White, Roderick Paulate, Panchito, Max Laurel, Ruel Vernal, Janice Jurado, Jograd And Liz Alindogan/ Directed by Ricky Santiago

"Pipo's Power" (1986)- Stars Jess Lapid, Jr. and Redford White, Janice Jurado, Kristel Romero, Joy Sumilang, Lito Pimentel/ with Dick Israel, Pugak, Don Pepot, Balut/ Directed by Angel labra

Left- "Cobrador" (1986)- Stars Redford White and Richard Merck/ with Tina Alcala, Preciuos Hipolito, Julie Ann Juco, Bomber Moran Jimmy Santos, Mario Escudero, Don Pepot/ Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Right- "No Return No Exchange" (1986)- Stars Lito Lapid and Redford White / with Janice Jurado, Debbie Miller, Panchito, Dick Israel, Ruel Vernal/ Directed byJose "Pepe' Wenceslao

"The Untouchable Family" (1988)- Stars Redford White, Edgar Mortiz, Caridad Sanchez and Ronel Victor/ Introducing Regine Velasquez/with Berting labra, LalaMontelibano, Sabatini Fernandez/ Directed by Tony Reyes

"Captain Yagit" (1989)- Stars Jess Lapid, Jr. and Redford White, Cachupoy, Bamba, Hazel Navasero and Luis Gonzales/ Directed by Angel labra & Leo Valdez

"Buddy En Sol" (1992)- Stars Eric Quizon, Redford White, Maritoni Fernandez and Aiko Melendez/with Rez Cortez, Meryl Soriano, Lou Veloso/ Directed by Boots Plata and Leo Martinez

Left- "Neber 2 Geder" (1996)- Stars Andrew E. and Redford White/ with Amanda Page and Micahel de Mesa/ Directed by Ben Feleo

Right- "Pablik Enemi 1 n 2" (1997)/ Stars Redford White and Dennis Padilla/ with Ruffa Mae Quinto and Efren Reyes, Jr./ Directed by Felix Dalisay

Left- "Ala Eh Con Bisoy" (1998)- Stars Redford White and Leo Martinez/ with Ramon Christopher, Eula Valdez and Cherrie Pie Picache/ Directed by Efren Jarlego

Right- "Tong Tatlong Tatay Kong Pakitong Kitong" (1998)/ Stars Babalu, Redford White, Lara Morena, Bonel Balingit and Serena Dalrymple/ Directed by Efren Jarlego

"Haba-Baba-Doo! Puti-Puti-Poo!" (1998)/ Stars Babalu, Redford White, Princess Punzalan, Mandy Ochoa, Toby Alejar, Melissa Mendez, Paolo Contis, Stefano Mori and Camille Pratts/ with Tanya Gomez, Baron Geisler, Serena Dalrymple, Kristine Hermosa/ Directed by Efren Jarlego


Unknown said...

Woohoo! Thank you Simon, you've done extraordinary work yet again.

If you ever find the posters for his two breakthrough western spoofs Johnny Tango and Johnny Tango Rides Again, please let me know,

Cheers and greetings from Brisbane, Australia! Andrew

Anonymous said...

Niice!!! RIP my man..

May isa pang pelikula akong naaalala siya, The Master & the Karate Gid, yung spoof ng Karate Kid.

Ka Pedong said...

Well research site...good work...but, it will be much better if the films has a download link. Old films are hard to find nowadays.

Anonymous said...

RIP Redford.
Aside from Iskul Bukol, his other early tv credits in the 80's were T.O.D.A.S and Bisoy, Ang Bisayang Tisoy (BBC2 if I'm not mistaken) with child actor Mark Talusan, who also had albinism.
Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Ser ask ko lang kung sino yun laging kontrabida sa pelikula na me dala laging samurai?...asa eksena ng The Untouchable Family :)


snuhmcsnort said...

This is a great homage to a great actor. I'm trying to find one of this films that I haven't seen yet - Captain Yagit. Does anyone know where I can buy or download a copy? I'm desperate to see it! If you can help me, please email me directly at snuhmcsnort@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

He is the character actor/comedian in several films television and media born in Cebu in 1955 died in 2010 of brain cancer of Cebuano/Bicolano/Spanish & American descent in Filipino film history. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I missed him now the former actor he played Bisoy in several films and television in Philippine history. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I missed the blond haired Filipino comedian he is the funny man in films television and media in Philippine history. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I want to request all the classic Redford White films like comedy action/adventure western and family/kids too. Thanks!

Unknown said...

He is the Filipino actor/comedian who portrayed in several films television and media in the history of Philippine entertainment.Thanks!

Unknown said...

The parody of martial arts/Kung fu films inspired from 1984 film The Karate Kid. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information about the history of Filipino films television and media in popular culture in Philippine history.Thanks!


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