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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Roderick Paulate’s first foray in gay roles was in 1979 when he appeared in Maryo J. De Los Reyes' High School Circa ’65. It earned him the Famas Best Supporting Actor nomination and more importantly it paved the way for more and bigger movie projects. He was described as filmdom's "screaming faggot," because of his unique, hilarious and funny style of carrying his role and delivering his lines.

At a very young age of four, Roderick Paulate began acting for the movies (he was introduced in Kaibigan Ko'ng Sto. Nino in 1967). But it was years later, with his gay roles, that he would click with the masses. To this, Roderick demurs: "Kasi 'yung gay naman nag-start 'yon late eighties. Mas marami 'yung hindi ako gay dahil ang mga gay roles ko ilan lang compared sa mga movies na ginawa ko."

As far as he can recall, his first gay outing was in the critically acclaimed
High School Circa '65. "Doon naman, I was nominated for Best Supporting Actor considering na 15 or 16 pa lang ako noon. I was the comic relief of the movie." Bibeth Orteza, who played a teacher in High School Circa '65, created a gay character for him in the sitcom "Tepok Bunot." "Nag-hit 'yon," says Roderick.

Then a producer gave him the lead role in
Charot, a movie inspired by Dustin Hoffman's gender-bending performance in Tootsie. Before Roderick knew it, other offers to do gay roles started coming his way, with one of them from a very persuasive line producer-actress. "After Charot, ayoko munang tanggapin ang mga gay-gay roles," he says. "But it was Charo Santos who convinced me to do a gay movie where I would be paired with Maricel (Soriano)." The project was Regal Films' Inday, Inday sa Balitaw which ended up being a huge success. "The rest is history!" Roderick exclaims. "Yun na! Sunud-sunud na sa box-office."

Roderick, the gay comic, became so hot that, in 1987, he made six gay movies: Ako si Kiko Ako si Kikay, Mga Anak ni Facifica Falyafay, Jack En Poy, Binibining Tsuperman, Kumander Gringa, and 1+1=12+1.
Source: PEP/ Philippine Entertainment Portal

Left- High School Circa '65 (1979)- Stars Eddie Rodriguez, Liza Lorena, Charo Santos, Azenith Briones and the Young Stars of Today- Arnold Gamboa, Roderick Paulate, Maribel Aunor, Angelito, Beth Malongat, Efren Montes, Jingle, Michael Sandico, Margie Braza, Ricky Sandico, Nancy delos Santos/ Directed by Maryo J. De Los Reyes

Right- Charot (1984)- Stars Roderick Paulate (title role), Panchito, Bomber Moran, Tatlong Itlog, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Rez Cortez and introducing Shyr Valdez/ Special participation of Vilma Santos/ Directed by Leonardo Pascual

Left-Hee Man, Master of None (1984)- Stars Roderick Paulate, Emily Loren, Don Pepot, Tatlong Itlog, Joaquin Fajardo, Maning Bato and Redford White/ Directed by Tony Y. Reyes

Right- Inday Bote (1985)- Stars Charito Solis, Gloria Romero, Mon Alvir, Albert Anido, Christopher Palomo, Nova Villa, Chichay, Dely Atay-Atayan, Roderick Paulate, Balot, Palito, Max Alvarado and William Martinez & Maricel Soriano/ Introducing Richard Gomez/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

Left- Praybet Depektib Akademi (1986)- Stars Chiquito, Pia Moran, Panchito, Bukol, Debbie Miller, Monique Castillo, Bella Flores, Bentot Tintoy, Tugak, Rudy Manlapaz, Don Pepot, Tatlong Itlog and Roderick Paulate/ Directed by Ben Feleo

Right- Inday Inday sa Balitaw (1986)- Stars Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Armida Siguon-Reyna, Roderick Paulate, Cynthia Patag and Maricel Soriano& William Martinez/ Introducing Matet/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

Left- 1+1=12 Plus 1 (1987)- Stars Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Lotlot de Leon, Dranreb Belleza, Matet, Sheryl Cruz, Jigo Garcia, Jaypee de Guzman, Chuckie Drreyfuss and Roderick Paulate/ Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Right- Ako si Kiko, Ako si Kikay (1987)- Stars Nida Blanca, Dante Rivero, Nova Villa, Jestoni Alarcon, Rita Avila Ronel Victor, Michael Locsin, Ian Veneracion and Roderick Paulate (in dual role)/ Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Left- Binibining Tsuper-Man (1987)- Stars Miguel Rodriguez, Panchito, Babalu, Jaime Fabregas, Rose Ann Gonzales, Lou Veloso, Zorayda Sanchez, Monica Herrera and Roderick Paulate/ Introducing Jackie Aquino/Directed by Ben Feleo

Right- Jack En Poy, Hale-Hale Hoy! (1987)- Stars Maricel Soriano, William Martinez and Roderick Paulate/ Manilyn Reynes, Janno Gibbs, Nova Villa, Tessie Tomas, Caridad Sanchez and Chichay/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

Mga Anak ni Facifica Falayfay (1987)- Stars Dolphy, Panchito, Zsa Zsa Padilla,Roderick Paulate, Rolly Quizon, Kristine Garcia, Rose Ann Gonzales, Lotlot de Leon and Eric Quizon / Directed by Romy Villaflor

Left- Kumander Gringa (1987)- Stars Richard Gomez, Joey Marquez and Roderick Paulate/ Dranreb Belleza, Jon Hernandez, Jigo Garcia, Ana Margarita Gonzales, Tina Alcala, Ana Abiera/Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Right- Leroy Leroy Sinta (1988)- Stars Nova Villa, Tia Pusit, Jestoni Alarcon, Rita Avila, Romnick Sarmenta, Jennifer Sevilla, Mon Alvir, Michael Locsin, Jovit Moya and Roderick Paulate/ Manilyn Reynes, Janno Gibbs, Nova Villa, Tessie Tomas, Caridad Sanchez and Chichay/ Directed by Jett Espiritu

Left- Me & Ninja Liit (1988)- Stars Roderick Paulate, Manilyn Reynes & Janno Gibbs, Ruffa Gutierrez & Dennis De Silva and Aiza Seguerra/ with Nova Villa, Ramon Zamora, Jaime Fabregas /Directed by Jun Cabreira

Right- Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting (1988)- Stars Roderick Paulate, Kristina Paner & Cris Villanueva, Maniyn Reynes & Janno Gibbs and Aiza Seguerra/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

t (1988)- Stars Nora Aunor, Tirso Cruz III and Roderick Paulate/ with Chuckie Dreyfuss, Isabel Granada, Robert Ortega, Lito Anzures, Subas Herrero, Palito, Balot, Don Pepot/ Directed by Mike Relon Makiling

Left- Gorio en Tekla (1989)- Stars Maricel Soriano, Roderick Paulate and Gabby Concepcion/ with Nova Villa, Caridad Sanchez, Cynthia Patag/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

Right- Bala at Lipistik (1994)- Stars Roderick Paulate, Zoren Legaspi, Dindi Gallardo, Nanette Inventor, Mitch Valdez and Tessie Tomas/ Directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes

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