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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Actress Zeny Zabala (Emerencia Ortiz Santos in real life) passed away Tuesday, August 8 (2017) at the National Kidney Institute. She was 80. Zabala was one of the best villainess in Philippine Cinema, making life miserable for leading stars like Gloria Romero, Lolita Rodriguez, Rita Gomez, Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes, among others. 

She started her movie career in the mid 50s as a contract star of Sampaguita Pictures. Her early film appearances include Binibining Kalog (1955), Gilda (1956) Prinsesang Gusgusin (1957), Talipandas (1958). Though she appeared mostly in villain roles, Zabala also appeared in lead roles in films like, Ruby (1967), Kalinga (1969), Luzviminda (1969), Our Lady of Penafrancia (1970), among others. 

Details on Zeny Zabala's passing, check this linkhttp://www.interaksyon.com/zeny-zabala-actress-known-for-antagonist-roles-passes-away/

More on Zeny Zabala's movies, check this link:

"Our Lady of Peñafrancia (Patroness of Bicolandia)" (1970)
NGI Movie Productions, Inc.
Release Date 1970
Cinematography Tommy Marcelino
Original Music composed & Directed by Prof. Felipe P. de Leon
Screenplay and Direction Romy Villaflor
Cast Ric Rodrigo, Zeny Zabala, Dindo Fernando, Rosa Mia/ Also Starring Joseph de Cordova, Cora Maceda, Willie Dado, Tibo Legaspi, Ven Medina, Jimmy Javier, Angel Confiado, Dante Rivas and Rolly Lapid/ In very special roles- Vilma Santos, Pedro Faustino,  Priscilla Ramirez, Jose Villafranca, Pablo Raymundo, Sabas San Juan and Priscilla dela Paz

"Luzviminda" (1969)
NGI Movie Productions, Inc.
Release Date October 24, 1969
Music Prof. Felipe P. de Leon
Story, Screenplay and Direction Romy Villaflor
Cast Ric Rodrigo, Dindo Fernando, Lauro Delgado, Johnny Monteiro and Zeny Zabala (in the title role)/ Also Starring Rico Roman, Rubirosa, Ven Medina, Willie Dado and Jose Morelos/ Co-starring Cora Maceda, Tibo Legaspi, Edgar Garcia, Rolly Lapid, Dante Rivas/ with the special participation- Lani Gentica, Lila Luna, Angel Confiado/ Featuring Folklorico Dance Co., NGI Marikina Choir, NGI Santolan Band, TNT Commando
Movie Ad- Courtesy of PelikulaATBP/ James de la Rosa

NGI Movie Productions, Inc.
Released thru Balatbat Productions
Release Date May 10, 1969/ Life
Story and Screenplay Chito B. Tapawan
Music Danny Holmsen
Direction Susana C. de Guzman
Cast Vic Vargas, Zeny Zabala, Sofia Moran and Max Alvarado (in a very special role)/ Also Starring Vic Silayan, Nort Nepomuceno, Ven Medina, Romeo Rivera, Willie Dado/ Co-starring Jay Ilagan, Priscilla Ramirez, Angel Confiado, Tony Carrion, Cora Maceda, Edgar Garcia/ with dante Rivas, Remy Ampaya, Crisencia Idang, Joe Fernandez, Rudy Evangelista and the SOS Daredevils/ Featuring The Folklorico Filipino Dance Company and the Kayaw Dance Group

---to read, click images to enlarge---

"Mindanao" (1968)
NGI Movie Productions
Released thru Balatbat Productions
A Manila Film Festival Entry
Release Date June 16, 1968/ Universal and Gala
Screenplay Jess Banguis
Direction Emmanuel H. Borlaza
Cast Mario Montenegro, Bernard Belleza and Zeny Zabala/ Also Starring Stella Suarez, Norma Blancaflor, Willie Dado and Nort Nepomuceno/ Co-starring Angel Confiado, Jose Villafranca, Ruben Ramos Sancho Tesalona, Carlos Diaz and the SOS Daredevils/ Featuring the Mindanao State University, Darangan Cultural Dance Troupe

"Room For Rent" (1968)
NGI Movie Productions
Release Date June 21, 1968/ Gala
Story Ethelwolda A. Ramos
Screenplay Emmanuel Borlaza
Music Danny Holmsen
Direction Chito B. Tapawan
Cast Bernard Belleza, Anna Gonzales, Arnold Mendoza, Rubirosa and Zeny Zabala/ Also Starring Verna Gaston, Rebecca Gonzales, Georgie Quizon, Jose Morelos, Larry Silva, Agnes Moran, Sancho Tesalona, Tony Fortuna and Nort Nepomuceno/ Co-starring Nellie Madrigal, Joyce Padilla, Cora Maceda, Delia Cristobal/ with Rico Roman (in a special role)

"Ruby" (1967)
N.G.I. Movie Productions, Inc.
Release Date November 17, 1967/ State
Screenplay Dionisio T. Galang
Music Dick Zamora
Story and Direction Chito B. Tapawan
Cast Lauro Delgado, Oscar Roncal, Rico Roman, Rubirosa, Norma Blancaflor, Aruray and Zeny Zabala (in her first starring role)/ Also Starring Marissa Delgado, Jose Villafranca, Mary Walter, Jose Morelos, Angel Confiado, Tibo Legaspi, Cora Maceda, Edgar Santos and the special appearance of Bernard Belleza

"Ana-Roberta" (1965)
Ambassador Productions
Release Date July 23, 1965/ Dalisay
Story Ben Feleo
Music Pastor de Jesus
Direction Romy Villaflor
Cast Susan Roces, Jose Mari, Rosa Mia, Nello Nayo, Mary Walter, Limbo Lagdameo and Zeny Zabala/ In a special roles- Martin Marfil, Bert Olivar, Bruno Punzalan and Ven Medina

"Ang Bukas ay Akin" (1963)
Digdigan-Buenaflor Productions
Released thru Larry Santiago Productions, Inc,
Release Date November 2, 1963/ Center
Story and Screenplay Madia-as Digdigan Buenaflor
Music Tony Maiquez
Producer Atty Bernardo D. Buenaflor, Jr.
Direction Larry Santiago
Cast Nestor de Villa, Bella Flores, Zeny Zabala and Charito Solis/ with Etang Discher and Charlie Davao (in a very special roles), Elizabeth Ramsey, Matimtiman Cruz, Leleng Isla, Francia Ferrer

"Talipandas" (1958)
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date October 17-26, 1958/Dalisay
Story Francisco V. Coching
Serialized in Pilpino Komiks
Screenplay Ding de Jesus and Conrado Conde
Music Nestor Robles
Direction Conrado Conde
Cast Rita Gomez, Luis Gonzales, Van de Leon, Carlos Salazar, Bella Flores, Zeny Zabala, Pacita Arana, Ely Roque

 "Berdaderong Ginto" (1958)
Vera-Perez Productions
Release Date August 17-26, 1958/ Dalisay
Story Manuel Dante and A.S. Tenorio
Serialized in Tagalog Klasiks
Screenplay Tommy David
Music Dr. Rodolfo Cornejo
Direction Mar S. Torres

Cast Ric Rodrigo, Barbara Perez, Marlene Dauden, Greg Martin, Eddie Garcia, Etang Discher, Zeny Zabala

"Palaboy" (1958)
Vera-Perez Productions
Released thru Sampaguita Pictures
Relaese Date May 4- 13, 1958/ Life
Story Pablo S. Gomez
Serialized in Hiwaga Komiks
Screenplay Medy Tarnate and Emmanuel Borlaza
Music Pastor de Jesus
Direction Mar S. Torres
Cast Gloria Romero, Luis Gonzales/ Introducing Jose Mari/ with Etang Discher, Bella Flores, Rod Navarro, Zeny Zabala, Isa Rino, Cora Maceda

"Prinsesa Gusgusin" (1957)
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date October 21-30, 1957/ Dalisay
Story Mars Ravelo
Screenplay Hernan Torres
Music Pastor de Jesus
Direction Carlos Vander Tolosa
Cast Susan Roces, Romeo Vasquez, Tito Galla, Nelly Baylon, Bella Flores, Zeny Zabala, Rod Navarro, Etang Discher, Nancy Carlos, Aring Bautista, Georgie Quizon, Bert Olivar, Jose de Villa

"Gilda" (1956)
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date July 13- 22, 1956/ Life
Story Pablo S. Gomez
Music Dr. Rodolfo Cornejo
Direction Armando Garces
Cast Lolita Rodriguez, Eddie Arenas, Rosa Mia, Maria Cristina, Eddie Garcia, Zeny Zabala, Pablo Guevarra, Leleng Isla, Aring Bautista, Marcela Garcia

"Binibining Kalog" (1955)
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date October 2-11, 1955/ Dalisay
Music Prof. Rodolfo Cornejo, Jr.
Direction Octavio Silos
Cast Ramon Revilla, Lolita Rodriguez, Rudy Francisco, Rosa Mia, Tolindoy, Manolo Noble, Rod Navarro, Zeny Zabala, Ben Johnson, Precy Ortega/ Introducing Nelly Baylon

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