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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


70s action star Ramon Zamora, the recognized Pinoy Bruce Lee, stars as a vengeful warrior in "Return of the Dragon." Zamora plays the role of Failon, whose tribe was massacred and his wife, Lotis Key raped and brutally killed. One by one, he hunts down the perpetrators, with the final battle scene at the desert. One of Zamora's best movies!

"Return of the Dragon" (1974)
FGO-RSJ Productions
Release Date May 17, 1974
Screenplay Mike Relon Makiling
Cinematography Luis Chiong
Production Manager Renato Villapando
Music Tito Sotto
Story and Direction Celso Ad. Castillo
Cast Ramon Zamora, Lotis Key, Leila Hermosa, Paquito Diaz, Tsing Tong Tsai/ Also Starring Roldan Aquino, Danny Rojo, Michael Murray, Ernie Ortega/ Co-starring Joaquin Fajardo, Ruben Ramos, Sancho Tesalona, Joe Cunanan, Steve Alcarado, Leon Pajaron, Jun Santos, Cris Buddha Cruz, Dagul Se, Joe Kelly, Johnny Ramirez, Danny Riel, Groovy Ver, Doming Reyes, Armando Mangaring, Rod Francisco/ Featuring Edna Diaz, Charina Alonzo, Perry Santos, Rhonna Mercado, Lilian Cruz/ Special role- Coney Nubla/ Special Participation- Ben Perez

Ramon Zamora aims and shoots...

ala-Bruce Lee

Ben Perez, the tribe chieftain and daughter, Lotis Key

Ramon Zamora and Lotis Key in a tender scene

Paquito Diaz and his men

Ramon Zamora and guru, Paquito Salcedo

Leila Hermosa and Ramon Zamora

Lotis Key, in a dual role and Ramon Zamora

The final scene at the desert

one of the gory, bloody scenes

The final confrontation

Tsing Tong Tsai

Ramon Zamora and Tsing Tong Tsai in the ultimate duel

Ramon Zamora in the death scene


Anonymous said...

can you post more pictures of this movie specially the scene where coney reyes is? thanks

Video 48 said...

Coney Reyes? She's not included in the movie...

Anonymous said...

she was. her screen name then was Coney Nubla. Her name was at the very bottom left of the poster.

Anonymous said...

si coney reyes yung nire-rape nung kano. bata pa siya sa movie kaya di agad makikilala.

Anonymous said...

kahit suntok sa buwan, sana may mag-upload nitong movie sa torrents.

music: tito soto hahaha... mali pa yung spelling. pero oo nga. he used to do music scores before.

by the way, napag-usapan na rin lang si coney reyes at si lotis key, they had this 70s comedy movie with maricel soriano (nene pa siya then) and eddie garcia called "Lady Luck." any luck (pun intended) na you could provide info (at poster, syempre)?

leila hermosa... i recall another comedy called "loose connection."

thanks for this site. 2 thumbs up!

Noel Vera said...

Hi, great collection as always, and was wondering if I could use some on my blog?

Unknown said...

Dubbed "The Bruce Lee of the Philippines" in Filipino films television & media. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

I am the big fan of Filipino films & television from the Philippines in popular culture in Philippine entertainment history. Thanks!


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