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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Did you know that Malayan Movies’ Ang Manananggal (1927), a silent picture directed by Jose Nepomuceno, was the first Tagalog horror movie? “Even with the crudest equipment, Nepomuceno was able to conjure camera tricks. In one scene where Mary Walter, in the title role, and her fellow manananggals appeared to be half-bodied before a coffin. Don Jose had a portion of the ground excavated. The actors and actresses who portrayed manananggals, therefore, were filmed buried up to the waistline. Subsequent editing made them appear limbless to terrified moviegoers…” (Jose Quirino)
Source: A Movie Album Quizbook by Jessie B. Garcia

Ang Multo ni Yamashita (1947)- Stars Pugo and Togo, Katy de la Cruz, Consuelo Sayson Oscar Keesee, Batotoy/ with Abraham Cruz, Tony Mogueis, Johnny Monteiro/ Directed by Oscar Del Rosario

El Diablo (1949)- Stars Leopoldo Salcedo, Rebecca Gonzales and Alfonso Carvajal/ Directed by Richard Abelardo

Kamay ni Satanas (1950) - Stars Leila Morena, Reynaldo Dantes, Nena Cardenas, Fred Santos, Patria Plata, Oscar Keese, Conrado Conde, Arturo Lerma, Rino Bermudez/ Directed by Gerardo de Leon

Berdugo ng Mga Anghel (1951)- Stars Oscar Moreno, Alicia Vergel,
Tessie Martinez/ From the novel by Mars Ravelo/
Directed by Octavio Silos

Satur (1951)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Delia Razon,
Manuel Conde, Alfonso Carvajal, Rosa Aguirre, Jose de Cordova,
Andres Centenera/ Directed by Lamberto Avellana

Sandino (1952)- Stars Danilo Montes, Ester Buenaobra,
Patria Plata, Luis San Juan

Taong Paniki (1952)- Stars Jaime de la Rosa, Delia Razon,
Alfonso Carvajal, Frank Gordon, Rosa Aguirre, Gil de Leon/
Directed by Richard Abelardo

Hiwaga sa Balete Drive (1954)- Stars Rosita Noble
and Oscar Moreno
/Directed by Tor Villano

Multo sa Opera (1954)- Stars Leopoldo Salcedo, Nina Navarro,
Ben Perez, Elvira Reyes/ Directed by Mario Barri


Rodolfo Samonte said...

Si Leila Morena ba yung kasama ng guwapo at bata pang Oscar Keese sa Multo ni Yamashita? She's not even billed.

Video 48 said...

I don't think so Rod, but it looks like her.

Reno said...

Thank you for reminding me the title of that Jaime dela Rosa movie, Taong Paniki. I used to watch that during weekday afternoons after I got back from school. I had it mistakenly pegged in my memory that the title was Juan Bayakan, but now I realize that Juan Bayakan was a komiks serial (I think).

Anonymous said...


Hindi ko inabot ang mga iyan. GABI NG LAGIM, ang inabot ko.
BTW, yung Satur , di ba ki Coching yun ?


neto/malikot said...

taong paniki ng lvn pictures..meron pa iyan bat maraming mga putol na eksena.

neto/malikot said...

hinahanap ko ang office ng premiere productions...pagkakaalam ko sa caloocan ito....kung sino ang may alam please e-mail me.



Unknown said...

I didn't know that Pugo and Togo were in a horror movie on Yamashita. Thanks a lot. More on Pugo and Togo and other vodavil stars please

Rico Carmona said...

Salamat sa mga posters and video clips ng mga LVN movies. It brings back a lot of memories. I grew up in the LVN compound in Cubao, QC. Taong Paniki was directed by my uncle Richard Abelardo. My father was Teody Carmona and I was the child taong paniki. I have a picture with Gil De Leon trying to catch me in the hills of Ugong Pasig. Mayroon ka bang kopya ng full movie ng Taong Paniki? I will pay you or any one who has a copy. Please email me at ricocarmona@yahoo.com

Salamat po.

manananggal said...

thanks for sharing po


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