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Monday, July 9, 2007


The First Manila Film Festival was held for the first time in 1966. Reserved solely for Hollywood and foreign movies, first-run downtown theaters like Ideal, Odeon, State, Ever, Galaxy, Capitol, Lyric, among others were opened for exhibition to locally-produced or Tagalog movies. The filmfest was the brainchild of then Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas. The 10-day festival which coincided on the city's foundation day (June 24) was a huge success participated in by big names in the industry.

This annual film festival ended in 1974 to give way to the Metropolitan Manila Film Festival in 1975. Today, it is known simply as Metro Manila Film Festival.

The 9th
Manila Film Festival/ 1974
The 8th Manila Film Festival/ 1973
The 7th Manila Film Festival/ 1972
The 6th Manila Film Festival/ 1971
The 5th Manila Film Festival/ 1970
The 4th Manila Film Festival/ 1969
The 3rd Manila Film Festival/ 1968
The 2nd Manila Film Festival/ 1967
The 1st Manila Film Festival/ 1966

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