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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The First Manila Film Festival was held for the first time in 1966. Reserved solely for Hollywood and foreign movies, first-run downtown theaters like Ideal, Odeon, State, Ever, Galaxy, Capitol, Lyric, among others were opened for exhibition to locally-produced or Tagalog movies. The filmfest was the brainchild of then Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas. The 10-day festival which coincided on the city's foundation day (June 24) was a huge success participated in by big names in the industry.

The multi-awarded movie, Ang Daigdig ng mga Api was awarded the Rajah Soliman Grand Award for Best Picture. Five Maharnilad awards were also given: Best Drama (Passionate Strangers); Best Action (Sabotage); Best Adventure (Flight of the Sparrow); Best Technically-produced (Portrait of the Artist as Filipino) and Best Musical Entertainment (Till The End of Time). No individual awards were given.

Emerging as the top-grosser was Sabotage, starring Tony Ferrer as Tony Falcon, Agent X-44, an ace and wily spy agent who goes out of his way to neutralize a syndicate out to throw the country into chaos by sabotaging power facilities.

A total of 18 movies (14 new, 4 reissues) were exhibited during the 10-day festival. Iginuhit ng Tadhana, Portrait of the Artist as Filipino and Daigdig ng mga Api, all released in 1965, and Zamboanga, shown a month earlier, were allowed to participate.

"Sabotage" (1966)- Stars Tony Ferrer, Josephine Estrada, Miriam Jurado, Alicja Basili, Mary Louise Matheson, Max Alvarado, Joe Sison, Rocco Montalban, Nort Nepomuceno, Danny Rojo, Ray Marcos and Manolo Noble/ Directed by Eddie Garcia

"Ang Daigdig ng mga Api {Reissue}" (1965)- Stars Barbara Perez and Robert Arevalo/ with Ben Perez, Oscar Kesee, Dely Villanueva, Manny Ojeda Mona Del Cielo, Ruben Ilagan, Francisco Cruz, Quiel Segovia/ Directed by Gerardo De Leon

Left- "Sarhento Aguila at 9 na Magigiting" (1966)- Stars Fernando Poe, Jr., Paquito Diaz, Lito Anzures, Victor Bravo, Manolo Robles, Vic Varrion, Mario Escudero, Vic Uematsu, Resty Sandel and Jose Romulo/ with Oscar Kesee, Pablo Virtuoso, Dencio Padilla and Cecilia Lopez, Vic Silayan, Nello Nayo/ Directed by Efren Reyes

Right- "Target Domino" (1966)- Stars Romano Castellvi, Liberty Ilagan, Bessie Barredo, Tito Arevalo, Leni Trinidad, Val Magno, Rolando Aquino/ Directed by DLZ

Left- "Bakit Pa Ako Isinilang?" (1966)- Stars Gloria Romero, Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden and Paraluman/ with Ric Rodrigo, Vic Vargas, Bert LeRoy, Jr., Rosa Mia, Elizabeth Bankhead/ Directed by Luciano B. Carlos

Right- "Till The End Of Time" (1966)- Stars Gloria Romero, Luis Gonzales, Eddie Gutierrez, Gina Pareno, Loretta Marquez, Norma Blancaflor, Rosa Mia, Ramil Rodriguez, Shirley Moreno, Elissa, Sarah Calvin, Elizabeth Bankhead / Directed by Mar S. Torres & Jose de Villa

Left-"Triggerman" (1966)- Stars Eddie Fernandez, Jean Lopez, Imelda Ilanan, Lucita Soriano and George Estregan/ with Avel Morado, Esar Visenio/ Directed by Cesar 'Chat' Gallardo

Right- "A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino" {Reissue} (1965)- Stars Daisy H. Avellana, Naty Crame-Rogers, Conrad Parham, Vic Silayan, Sarah K. Joaquin, Nick Agudo, Pianing Vidal/ Directed by Lamberto Avellana

Left- "The Passionate Strangers" (1966)- Stars Michael Parsons, Valora Noland, Celia Rodriguez,Vic Diaz and Mario Montenegro/ Directed by Eddie Romero

Right- "Napoleon Doble and the Sexy Six" (1966)- Stars Dolphy, Lourdes Medel, Lucita Soriano, Gina Laforteza, Chona Delgado, Rita Reyes and Leni Trinidad/ Directed by Carling Marquez

"Mr. Humble Boy {Ang Dating Kampeon}" (1966)- Stars Chiquito, Eva Montes, Teroy de Guzman, Nieves Manuel, Prospero Luna,/ with Tintoy, Baby Chiquita, Rosauro Oracion, Er 'Canton' Salazar/ Directed by To-Chi-Qui

Left- "Gunfighter" (1966)- Stars Jess Lapid, Eddie Garcia, Max Alvarado, Victor Bravo, Joe Sison. Bert Olivar, Rocco Montalban, Nort Nepomuceno, Joaquin Fajardo and Paquito Diaz/ Directed by Leody M. Diaz

Right- "Rico Solitaryo" (1966)- Stars Jun Aristorenas, Gina Alonzo, Van de Leon, Leni Trinidad, Gina Laforteza, June Bergman/ Directed by Ding M. de Jesus

"Flight of the Sparrow" (1966)- Stars Ronald Remy, Tita Munoz, Conrad Parham, Henry Duval/ Introducing Anastacia Rafael, Cora Sobrepena, Soledad Gloan and the People of the Mountain Province/ Directed by Rolf Bayer

Left- "Ikaw... ang Gabi at ang Awit {Arrivedercci Roma}" (1966)- Stars Amalia Fuentes and Romeo Vasquez/ with Gloria Sevilla, Al Quinn, Fred Galand and Tony Cayado/ Directed by Tony Cayado

Right- "Saan Ka Man Naroroon" (1966)- Stars Lolita Rodriguez, Marlene Dauden and Eddie Rodriguez/ with Johnny Monteiro, Diana Dean, Rosa Aguirre, Nello Nayo, Abrahan Cruz, Jimmy Morato, Bert Silva, Boy ALvarez/ Directed by Lauro Pacheco

Left- "Zamboanga {Reissue}" (1966)- Stars Fernando Poe Jr., Susan Roces, Johnny Monteiro, Ruben Rustia, Vic Silayan, Lito Anzures, Veronica Palileo, Pedro Faustino/ Directed by Efren Reyes

Right- "Iginuhit ng Tadhana {Reissue}" (1965)- Stars Luis Gonzales, Rosa Mia and Gloria Romero/ with a cast of thousands/ Directed byMar S. Torres, Jose de Villa and Conrado Conde


James DR said...

Simon, who were the winners of the 1st Manila Film Festival?

Video 48 said...

I don't have the data, James. I'll try researching on it.

Adrian Mendizabal said...

great great post! who were the jurors pala?

Rodolfo Samonte said...

Nostalgia. I remember this. I remember watching and liking Tony Ferrer's Agent x-44, which became a series and I watched all of them. Parang James Bond. BTW, I saw Capitol Theater in Escolta on my Manila trip, it's an abandoned building now, Lyric is gone.

Anonymous said...


Aside from EDDIE DOMER, sino-sino pa ang gumagawa ng movie ads noon? parang mi nakita akong Tony Zuniga doon?


Tama ka, both Capitol & Lyric theaters has gone to seed. At halos lahat ng sinehan sa Metro Manila. Kinain ng Robinsons, SM at iba pang Malls.


Video 48 said...

Auggie, Yes, Tony Zuniga was doing the movie ads of FPJ. I also remember Panganiban Marvin B. doing ads for Tagalog-Ilang Ilang, LEA, People's Pictures.


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