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Sunday, November 4, 2012


"Tia Loleng" (1952)
LVN Pictures
Release Date February 20-29, 1952/ Dalisay
Music Quin Velasco
Direction Manuel Silos
Cast Armando Goyena, Tessie Quintana, Lila Luna, Nida Blanca, Frank Gordon, Rosa Aguirre, Amado Cortez, Arturo Moran, Etang Discher, Miguel Lopez, Tony Dantes, J. Rodriguez

Did you know that movie actor Armando Goyena, a popular matinee idol during his time, a society boy and a dashing hero of countless romance and adventure films, had to play a woman in the '50s before he could become a star? The part was the title role in the 1952 comedy "Tia Loleng," where he was made to dress up as a lady so he could be close to the woman he loved and adored. The woman was played by his perennial screen partner, Tessie Quintana (they made 15 movies together). The movie was filmed at least three decades before Dustin Hoffman made "Tootsie" and Robin Williams played "Mrs. Doubtfire." "They imitated us," Goyena chuckles in one of his interview. "The movie became a big hit, and that's how I made some money to marry." Goyena, now in his 80s, was married to the late Francisca Roses, also called Paquita, the first Camay soap model, with whom he had seven daughters and a son. Two of these daughters first became movie stars themselves-Maritess Revilla, who was also a soap model, and Tina Revilla, who later became a television host.

Tessie Quintana and Armando Goyena


Anonymous said...

lila luna and nida blanca were in that movie and lila luna was given the lead role in 'korea',made in the same year but she had to back out because she got married.nida blanca replaced her and that movie made her a star.

Video 48 said...

Nice bit of trivia there, Anonymous. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

incomplete ang movie na ito sa dahilang di naayos or restored.

wala ng copy ng korea.

Edgar Ebro Videokeking2018 said...

i watched this movie when i was in high school, di ko lang alam kung meron pang print itong Tia Loleng pero masasabi kong mapalad ako kasi napanood ko siya noon ang natatandaan ko lang ay iyong boses ni Armando Goyena dito ay ginawa rin niyang babae at take note di siya nagpa dub ng boses, sariling boses niya ito


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