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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"Milyonaria" (1949)- Stars Rogelio de la Rosa, Mila del Sol, Eusebio Gomez, Engracio Ibarra, Justina David, Armando Canseco, Rita Amor, Miguel Lopez, Tomas Esteban and Bayani & Menggay/Story and Directed by Susana C. de Guzman

Synopsis: Anita Amor (Mila del Sol) inherited a large sum of money and a flourishing newspaper and printing company from her late father, Don Pepe. The printing press is being managed by Don Pepe’s trusted man and editor Delfin Glorioso (Rogelio dela Rosa).

After years abroad, Anita arrives with companion and fiance Dr. Reyes (Eusebio Gomez). Her overseer and caretaker, Mang Gorio (Engracio Ibarra) briefs her of her father’s heroism during the war, his vast wealth, shows her and Dr. Reyes around and brings them to the printing press where they are introduced to the hardworking editor Delfin.

Delfin, who is deep in his work, ignores Anita's presence, which infuriates the lady. From then on, Anita is uncomfortable with Delfin and tells this to Mang Gorio.

The late Don Pepe is a philanthropist, cares for the poor and the needy and loves to donate to charitable institutions, while Anita is the exact opposite, who loves to splurge on dresses, gambles and spend lavishly. Before his death, Don Pepe instructs Delfin to continue his noble deeds and pass this on to his daughter.

Anita becomes more enraged when she sees her name in newspaper losing heavily in gambling. She castigates her editor, but the more Anita berates him, the more Delfin teaches her the social value of clean living.

Humiliated, Anita devises a plan to get even with Delfin. She fires Delfin’s male secretary. Anita disguises herself as Letty Carmona, a look-alike and distant relative of Anita. She changes her looks, wears eyeglasses and speaks with a native accents. She introduces herself to Delfin as her new secretary. Delfin is first hesitant, but Letty tries to convince Delfin that she is hardworking and capable of the job.

Though he has some reservation about Letty’s personality, he sets it aside. Delfin begins to fall in love with her and soon blossoms to a romance.

During a big party, Letty divulges her scheme and shames Delfin in front of her friends and visitors. Instead, it backfires and Delfin scolds and slaps her. He is deeply hurt of the revelation since he’s already in love with Letty/Anita.

He resigns from the company and stays out late most of the time drinking.

Job opportunities came when his former male secretary comes over with an offer similar to his former post. His new boss is likewise into charities and civic programs.

Anita later realizes her mistakes and tries to make amends to Delfin and family. Likewise, she dumps Dr. Reyes since she also realizes how much he loves Delfin.

To win back Anita, Dr. Reyes hatches an evil plan. He shoots Delfin and is critically wounded. Anita learns about the incident and seeks the medical help of Dr. Reyes. The doctor accedes on the condition that Anita marries him.

The operation is successful. Anita and Dr. Reyes decide to get married abroad. Delfin is informed later that the real boss he is working for is Anita.

Knowing that Anita will be leaving any moment now, he goes straight to the airport and intercepts Anita from Dr. Reyes. In a scuffle that ensues, the doctor draws his gun and aims at Delfin. “Sana pinatay na kita,” he blurts out (“I should have finished you off”). The timely arrival of the authorities prevents what would have been a tragic finale.

That’s the only time that Delfin and Anita learn about Dr. Reyes’ participation. The police authorities arrest the doctor and the two are reunited.

Delfin (Rogelio de la Rosa) and Anita (Mila del Sol) in their first meeting at the printing press office.

Delfin talks to his mother (Justina David) regarding Anita's unusual behavior.

Irked and angered over Delfin's interfering on her social activities.

A comic scene between Bayani (family driver) and Menggay (househelp)

Delfin and Anita in a riotous scene

Anita disguises as Letty, the new secretary

Delfin and Letty starting to have feelings towards one another

A song number

Letty in a heart to heart talk with Delfin's mother

Letty divulges her plan and shames Delfin

Delfin scolds and berates Anita

Dr. Reyes (Eusebio Gomez) plans an evil plot

Anita accedes to Dr. Reyes' condition to marry him

The final confrontation as Dr. Reyes draws and points a gun at Delfin

The two finally reunited


Anonymous said...

Sir, salamat po sa pag post, buhay pa po pala ang film na ito, commercially available pa po ba ang film na to, saan po ba available ang film , salamat po...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting screencaps sir!

@anonymous- the movie is available at kabayancentral.


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