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Friday, November 20, 2009


"One Man Army" (1969)- Stars Johnny Delgado, Pilar Pilapil, Paquito Diaz, Johnny Monteiro, Alvaro Muhlach and Max Alvarado/ Directed by Ben Feleo/ Delgado's first starring role

Veteran actor Johnny Delgado (b.1948) passed away Thursday afternoon, November 19, after a long battle with lymphoma, or cancer of the lymph nodes. He died at his home in Quezon City with his wife, actress-filmmaker Laurice Guillen, daughters Anna and Ina, and his closest friends by his side. Delgado was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. Early this year, Delgado assured that he was responding well to chemotherapy. He underwent eight cycles of chemotherapy.

Delgado, Juan Marasigan Feleo in real life, was a noted actor and writer. He appeared in more than a hundred films starting in 1968 with Bawa't Kanto Basagulo and Ito ang Digmaan and was given his first starring role in
One Man Army in 1969. He was best remembered in many memorable and notable movies like Angela Markado (1979), Salome (1981), Mga Uod at Rosas (1982), Misteryo sa Tuwa (1984) and Tanging Yaman (2000). He was nominated several times in different award giving bodies. Among his acting awards were best supporting actor for Ligalig in 2006 and best actor for Tanging Yaman in 2000.

"Bawa't Kanto Basagulo" (1968)- Stars Zaldy Zshornack, Bernard Belleza, Johnny Delgado, Max ALvarado and Liza Lorena/ Directed by Rizaldy

"Ito ang Digmaan" (1968)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Roberto Gonzales, Magna Gonzales, Roberto Gonzales, Johnny Delgado, Cora Varona/ Directed by Solano Gaudite

"Mali-Mali Meets Batangueno" (1968)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Zaldy Zshornack, Liza Lorena, Johnny Delgado, Max Alvarado/ Directed by Ben Feleo

"Professional 4 and the Sexy 24" (1969)- Stars Johnny Delgado, Dante Varona, Alvaro Muhlach and Ernie White/ with Verna Gaston, Eva Marie, Gina Stuart, Jessette/ Directed by Ben Feleo

"Pussy Cat" (1969)- Stars Divina Valencia, Bernard Belleza, Johnny Delgado and Max Alvarado/ Directed by Jose Miranda Cruz

"Santa Teresa de Avila" (1970)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Gutierrez, Pepito Rodriguez, Johnny Delgado and ALvaro Muhlach/ with Imelda Ilanan, Eva Darren & Tita Munoz/ Directed by Ben Feleo

"The Stripteaser"(1970)- Stars Rosanna Marquez, Johnny Delgado, Mel Francisco, Rico Roman/ Directed by Chito Tapawan

"The Young Idols" (1970)- Stars Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Reycard Duet, Johnny Delgado, Rosanna Ortiz, Alvaro Muhlach, Ernie White/ Directed by Ben Feleo

Left- "Europe Here We Come" (1971)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Gutierrez and Anna-Lissa/ with Dindo Fernando, Johnny Delgado, Alvaro Muhlach

Right- "Portrait of an Angel" (1971)- Stars Amalia Fuentes, Ric Rodrigo and Anna-Lissa/ with Johnny Delgado, Renato Robles & Norma Blancaflor/ Directed by Fely Crisostomo

"Madonna" (1971)- Stars Rosanna Ortiz, Johnny Delgado, Eddie Garcia, Jessica/ Directed by Jose Flores Sibal

Left- "Super Gee" (1973)- Stars Nora Aunor, Celia Rodriguez, Eddie Garcia, Paraluman, Fred Montilla, Bert Leroy, Jr., Johnny Delgado/ Directed by Armando Garces

Right- "Mrs. Teresa Abad...Ako si Bing" (1976)- Stars Charito Solis, Christopher de Leon, Tony Santos Sr., Anita Linda and Johnny Delgado/ Directed by Danilo Cabreira

Left- "Bergado:Terror ng Cavite" (1976)- Stars Ramon Revilla, Sr., Lotis Key, Marissa Delgado, Johnny Delgado, Max Alvarado, Nick Romano, Charlie Davao/ Directed by Jose Yandoc

Right- "Garrote: Jai-Alai King" (1977)- Stars Christopher de Leon, Dranreb, Marianne dela Riva and Johnny Delgado/ Directed by Manuel Cinco

Left- "Angela Markado" (1979)- Stars Hilda Koronel, Johnny Delgado, Rez Cortez, Ruel Vernal, Tonio Gutierrez, Dave Brodett, Celia Rodriguez & Raul Aragon/ Directed by Lino Brocka

Right- "Brutal" (1980)- Stars Amy Austria, Gina ALjar, Charo Santos, Jay Ilagan, Johnny Delgado, Perla Bautista, Jonee Gamboa, Nello Nayo/ Directed by Marilou Diaz Abaya

"Kakaba-Kaba Ka Ba?" (1980)- Stars Christopher de Leon, Charo Santos, Jay Ilagan, Sandy Andolong, Johnny Delgado, Boboy Garovillo & Armida Siguon-Reyna/ Directed by Mike de Leon

"Mga Uod at Rosas" (1982)- Stars Nora Aunor, Lorna Tolentino and Johnny Delgado/ Directed by Romy Suzara

Left- "Salome" (1981)- Stars Gina Alajar, Johnny Delgado and Dennis Roldan/ Directed by Laurice Guillen

Right- "Misteryo sa Tuwa" (1984)- Stars Tony Santos, Sr., Johnny Delgado, Ronnie Lazaro, Alicia Alonzo, Lito Anzures, Amable Quiambao, Maria Montes/ Directed by Abbo Q. dela Cruz

"Huwag Kang Papatay" (1984)- Stars Ace Vergel, Rio Locsin, Johnny Delgado, Angela Perez/ Directed by Pepe Marcos

"Somewhere" (1984)- Stars Rudy Fernandez and Lorna Tolentino, Johnny Delgado, Armida Siguon-Reyna and Leroy Salvador / Directed by Romy Suzara

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