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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Elias (Leopoldo Salcedo) and Crisostomo Ibarra (Eddie del Mar)

Crisostomo Ibarra and Elias are the two enigmatic and contrasting heroes of Rizal’s novel, “Noli Me Tangere.” Ibarra is rich and highly educated while Elias is poor and hunted by the authorities. They are both victims of injustices. Both love their native land and wish for her betterment. Elias sees hope in Ibarra and thinks that he will be able to uplift the country from its suffering. The two of them met on several ocassions and once have an animated conversation in which Elias tells Ibarra the following:

"Without struggle there is no freedom. Without freedom there is no light. You say that you know very little of your country; I believe you. You do not see the forthcoming struggle, you do not see the cloud on the horizon; the struggle begins in the sphere of ideas to come down to the arena which will be dyed in blood. I hear God's voice. Woe unto those who want to resist Him. History has not been written for them!"

Here’s the two exciting and pulsating film clips from Gerry de Leon’s award-winning masterpiece, “Noli Me Tangere,” showing the two protagonists, Ibarra (played by Eddie del Mar) and Elias (Leopoldo Salcedo), in a very vibrant, meaningful and spirited exchanges of ideas and dialogues.

Courtesy of Bayanihan-Arriva Productions


Anonymous said...

The best ever feature film adaptation of Dr. Jose Rizal's first novel. I've been looking for this one in three years!

The Filipino language is used perfectly in these clips, and the performances of Leopoldo Salcedo and Eddie del Mar are outstanding!

Comparison of the clips to the original Noli Me Tangere novel:
Clip 1: Chapter 33
Clip 2: Chapters 49 and 50

Eddie and Leopoldo were mature enough to portray their respective characters based on their ages (Leopoldo was around 48-49 years old then, Eddie was about 32). Crisostomo Ibarra in the original Noli Me Tangere was in his twenties (when Padre Damaso came to San Diego 20 years before the novel's first scene, Don Rafael Ibarra has already settled in that town.)

Where did you get those clips? Can you upload the full movie in 10-minute clips on YouTube?



Vince said...

Sir, do you by any chance have the full movie? Is it possible for you to upload it? If so, please do...
You would be doing a great favor for countless students...
Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

is there any possibilities that ibarra and elias are one ? i mean it in some other ways . My teacher asked the class . tnx in advance .

Unknown said...

Please upload it... Thank you


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