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Friday, April 11, 2014


The year: 1959---

It was seven in the morning and the office of Champion Pictures was still closed. Outside the door, five-year old Danilo Jurado fidgeted by his father’s side and wondered whether they were doing the right thing. They were there to see what chances Danny had in getting chosen for the title role in
Marcelino, Champion’s Lenten picture currently under production.

Roy Padilla, Champion boss and director of the picture which needed a lead star, received father and son. He interviewed Danilo, paying special attention to the child’s facial expressions. The interview over, Roy asked for a picture of the boy which was filed for reference.
Other applicants were interviewed. Yet, as the field of selection grew wider, Roy felt more certain that only Danny, the first applicant by the way, could play the role. No other candidate for the role possessed Danilo’s assets: a delicate complexion, a chiseled nose, big soulful eyes and curly locks which strayed at the forehead. After a few days, Roy declared the search ended and he called for Danilo. The boy was signed up for three years and production of the picture, already long delayed, commenced immediately.
For the studio, the discovery of Danny Jurado meant only one thing, a child for the lead role in Marcelino had been chosen and they could finish the picture in time for the Lenten season. For the boy and his family, however, it meant much more. It was a job, a good-paying job, and a better future. No more pounding of pavements, no more missed meals, no more bruises caused by rough stones on bare feet.
Danilo was a ticket vendor before this good opportunity. So were his parents. He was a ticket vendor as soon as he could walk unaided. Danilo was, to quote the studio PRO, the monkey to his parents’ organ. It was he who enticed the buyers, who made the difference of a few more pesos added to their meager daily income. Danilo’s walking hours were spent in the alleys and sidewalks of Sta. Cruz and Quiapo, at night they would retire to the slums where they lived.
This is Danny Jurado, the boy who has been chosen for the title role in Marcelino, a touching story of a child’s unquestioning faith in his God.
Source: "Big Break for a Boy" by L. de Paz/
Literary Song-Movie magazine/
March 16, 1959

"Marcelino" (1959)
A Tagalog Adaptation of the Spanish legend Marcelino Pan Y Vino
Champion Pictures
Release Date March 25-31, 1959/ Center
Screenplay Consuelo P. Osorio
Music Restie Umali
Direction Roy Padilla
Cast Oscar Keese, Bert Olivar, Raul Belmonte, Pianing Vidal, Andres Iturbi, Andres Benitez, Arsenio Almonte, Carlos Asensi and Danilo Jurado as Marcelino


Anonymous said...

Iba pa ba ito sa MARCELINO PAN Y VINO ? napanood ko iyun !


Video 48 said...

Yes, Marcelino Pan y Vino is a 1955 Spanish film with Pablito Calvo playing the role of Marcelino.


He was also casted in Ama Namin. Nauna Mag shoot ang Marcelino.... Pero mas nauna ipalabas ang Marcelino..... sa theaters, kinuha din siya in such films as Biyaya ng Lupa,the 2 movie sequels of Darna starring Liza Moreno, Captain Barbel....etc.

Yagami said...

Any news about danilo jurado? His whereabouts or what happened to him afterwards?


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