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Thursday, February 21, 2013


"Ukala (Ang Walang Suko)" (1954)
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date May 22-31, 1954/ Center
Story Alfredo Alcala
Music Ariston Avelino
 Direction Artemio Tecson
Cast Cesar Ramirez, Alicia Vergel, Chichay Tolindoy, Bert Olivar, Eddie Garcia, Martin Marfil, Conrado Conde, Jaime Javier, Teroy de Guzman, Panchito Alba, Pablo Raymundo, Mila Oswald, Herminia Carranza, Joe Sison, Apolonia Aguilar/ The children: Corazon Rivas, Nonny Padilla, Sonny Padilla

Synopsis: Pietro Bascones, Corsican pirate, commandeers a galleon anchored at the port of Cadiz, Spain, belonging to Don Sisenando Labrador. Aboard is Gracita, Don Sisenando’s wife, and Margarita, their small daughter. On way to the new world, Gracita disappears from the galleon in a stormy night.

After landing in the new world, the pirates are pounced upon by Mahikut Indians. In the confusion, boy Ukala and his brother Tarno, sons of Chief Ungka, tribal enemy of the Mahikuts, spirit away Margarita. Margarita grows up with Chief Ungka’s people, and is regarded as the Chief’s daughter.

Ukala (Cesar Ramirez) grows up, and his bravery is feared by the Mahikuts. Meanwhile, Margarita (Alicia Vergel) blossoms into beautiful woman and is Ukala’s steady and constant companion.
Gracita, it turns out, was washed ashore, and reunited with her husband and began quest of their daughter. Equipping another galleon, the Labradores set out for the new world in search of Pirate Bascones and their supposedly captive daughter.

Building a temporary fort, they set out exploring the place. Because they are pale-face people, like his friend, Margarita, Ukala protects them against the treachery of the Mahikuts.
By this time, the pirates and the Mahikuts have concluded an alliance to attack Chief Ungka, thinking he has a cache of treasures hidden somewhere.

Margarita’s parents stumble on Chief Ungka’s village, find Margarita, plead her to return to the old world with them.

The Mahikuts and the pirates raid the galleon, capturing the Labradores. Ukala fights to save them.

Realizing that Ukala and Margarita are in love with each other, Don Sisenando consents to their marriage and decides to settle in the new world with his children.
(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ (1954)

"Ukala (Ang Walang Suko)"
Katha't Guhit ni Alfredo Alcala

Serialized in Pilipino Komiks/ 1954

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