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Monday, November 14, 2011


In 1954, Bessie Kelly-Poe, the widow of Fernando Poe, Sr., "carries on the brave fight for her late actor-director husband who had tried to save her from the worries of movie work. She starts out anew with Fernando Poe Productions and finds it tough for a newcomer like her to raise capital."

Mrs. Poe tells it all in the article below...

Kislap-Graphic magazine/ October 13, 1954
to read, click image to enlarge

Her initial production venture, "Multo sa Opera" however didn't fare well in the box-office.

"Multo sa Opera" (1954)- Stars Leopoldo Salcedo/ Introducing Nina Navarro/with Tony Mogueis, Lydia Resma, Ching Macabasco/ Guest Stars-Ben Perez, Elvira Reyes/ Directed by Mario Barri

see link: "Multo sa Opera" (1954): FPJ's First Movie Appearance?


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