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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Big names in sports, boxing icon Gabriel 'Flash' Elorde, basketball superstars Freddie Webb, Atoy Co and Abe King, appeared together in a riotous 1982 movie, "Pamilya Dimagiba." Sharing top billings were Andy Poe, Efren Reyes, Jr. and Paquito Diaz under Manuel 'Fyke' Cinco direction.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Did you know that two of our basketball superstars of the 70s appeared together in the big screen? Hardcourt greats Robert 'The Big J' Jaworski of Meralco and Freddie 'Fastbreak Freddie' Webb of YCO (MICAA days) starred in the movie titled Fastbreak (1971). Fernando Poe, Jr. was instrumental in bringing the two together which Da King himself produced and directed under the pen name of D'lanor. Prior to this movie, both also starred in another movie, Dimasupil Brothers, but together with another basketball star, Alberto 'Big Boy' Reynoso. Webb was introduced in this picture.

Fastbreak (1971)- Stars Robert Jaworski, Freddie Webb, Chichay, Kristina Reyes, Elvie Escaro, Lito Anzures, Victor Bravo, Nello Nayo/ Featuring Zernan Manahan/ Directed by D'lanor

Dimasupil Brothers (1971)- Stars Andy Poe, Paquito Diaz, Robert Jaworski, Romy Diaz, Jumbo Salvador/ Introducing Alberto 'Big Boy' Reynoso and Freddie Webb/ with Lou Salvador, Sr./ Directed by Manuel Cinco


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