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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


"A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino" (1965)- Stars Daisy H. Avellana, Naty Crame-Rogers, Conrad Parham, Vic Silayan, Sarah K. Joaquin, Nick Agudo, Pianing Vidal/ Directed by Lamberto V. Avellana

Adapted from the famous play by Nick Joaquin, A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino, revolves around the lives of the Marasigan family--- Don Lorenzo (Pianing Vidal) and his unmarried daughters Candida (Daisy H. Avellana) and Paula (Naty-Crame Rogers).

The sisters blame their illustrious painter-father for their financial difficulties. Don Lorenzo keeps himself and his priceless creations secluded in his studio. Spurred by his daughters’ resentment, he does a self-portrait, which echoes a scene in Virgil’s Aeniad. Set against a burning city, the portrait presents two versions of Don Lorenzo--- one as a young man full of vitality and another as an old man in his decline. The painting is an expression of an artist’s anguish over the commercialization of himself, as represented by the city ravaged by flames. A despondent Don Lorenzo tries to commit suicide but fails.

This brilliant painting becomes the focus of contention. Tony Javier (Conrad Parham), the Marasigan’s boarder and Paula’s suitor, sees it as his ticket to riches. The daughters resist the temptation to sell father's self-portrait, which could fetch a small fortune, and ignore their siblings' coercion to dispose of the family house. In the end, an enraged Paula uncovers Tony’s scheme and destroys the painting. Paula’s act served as a catharsis--- healing the selfishness and pain in the family. The Marasigans begin a new life, coming together as one family. They celebrate the La Naval feast in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary with a nostalgic mood, unaware of the impending threat of was that will forever change the world as they know it.

Here’s that engrossing scene when Paula, after eloping with Tony, comes home after realizing her mistakes, destroys the painting, the object of greed that almost engulfs the family. An altercation occurs as soon as Tony finds out that the painting is gone. A first-rate and superb acting!!! Watch the clip below---

Courtesy of Diadem Production/ Manuel de Leon


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