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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Arturo Porcuna, alias Boy Golden was a notorious gangster who figured prominently in gangland violence and Mafia-like vendetta during the early 60s. That time, the streets of Manila became the center of several fierce and violent confrontations among feuding gang groups. Porcuna was feared but his life was brief and his bloody end came in the early morning of December 24, 1963 when he was shot to death by members of his rival gang group.

From the front page of The Manila Chronicle, here's the full news account of that fateful day---


by Rufino Rogel, Jr.

Arturo Porcuna, alias "Boy Golden," notorious police character and two of his henchmen were gunned down by members of a rival gang in the room of an apartment in Mandaluyong, Rizal shortly after 2 o'clock this morning. Killed with Porcuna were two new members of his gang known as "Jojo" and Bert". Their real names were not immediately available as they reportedly joined Porcuna's gang only a few days ago.

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Jaime San Miguel, a Porcuna henchman who rented the three-room apartment at No. 91-B Col. F. Vicencio street, told Patrolmen Domiciano Valenciano and Juan Perez who rushed to the scene to investigate that the gunwielders were Eddie Luz, Baby Soriano, Antonio Razon, Rene Sebastian and three others whom he was not able to identify. The gunmen arrived in two cars, a Fairlane and an Impala and motorcycles. As the front door of the apartment was open, they entered without being detected by the occupants. They proceed to the second floor and surprised Porcuna and three of his henchmen while they were opening their Christmas presents, in one of the rooms. They opened fire on the men inside the room and when Porcuna, Jojo and Bert fell, the gunwielders left. San Miguel who was also in the room at the time hid in one of the lockers and was not injured.

The wife of Porcuna known as Marla and Anita Dee, the wife of San Miguel, were in the other room when the shooting took place. With them in their room was their housemaid.

When the police arrived, they found the bodies of Porcua, Jojo and Bert all riddled with bullets. They found on the flo0r empty shells of an automatic carbine and a Thompson submachinegun. The police were inclined to believe that the victims were surprised in the room by the gunmen who were obviously on a mission to liquidate Porcuna and his henchmen.

Follow-up articles on the case--- to read, click images to enlarge---

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Part of the turbulent life of Arturo Porcuna was recreated in a movie directed by Danny Zialcita, titled Hindi Sa Iyo ang Mundo, Baby Porcuna.

I never had a chance to see this movie when it made its theatrical run in 1978. It earned money and made a noise when it won the Gawad Urian's Best Actress for its lead star Beth Bautista. I think it never came out in video format and I am wondering if a copy still exists.

"Hindi Sa Iyo ang Mundo, Baby Porcuna" (1978)- Stars Beth Bautista, Joseph Sytangco, Dick Israel, Anthony Alonzo, Josephine Garcia, Suzanne Gonzales/ Directed by Danny Zialcita


Halaw sa tunay na pangyayari, isinasaad ng Hindi sa Iyo ang Mundo, Baby Porcuna ang buhay ng kapatid na babae ni Boy Golden, isang kilalang maton noong 1960's. Si Baby Porcuna (Elizabeth Bautista) ay isang mananayaw ng burlesk sa tanghalang pinamamahalaan ni Cris (Dick Israel).. Nahahalayan sa hanapbuhay ng kanyang kapatid, kinuha ni Boy (Anthony Alonzo) si Baby habang nagsasayaw sa tanghalan, at iniuwi sa apartment na kanyang tinutuluyan upang ilayo kay Cris kahit may anak na si Baby rito. Nakilala ni Baby si Tommy (Joseph Sytangco), isang mang-aawit sa tanghalan ni Cris. Nanligaw si Tommy at nag-alok ng kasal. Matapos matuklasan ni Baby ang pakikipag-ulayaw ni Cris sa ibang babae, nabuo ang kanyang pasyang iwanan ito at magpakasal kay Tommy. Naging maunos ang kanilang pagsasama dahil sa kaugnayan ni Baby kay Boy Golden at sa magulong pamumuhay nito. Ang pakikipag-alitan ni Boy dahil sa dalawang babae, kina Emma (Josephine Garcia) at Susan (Suzanne Gonzales) ang naging sanhi ng kanyang kamatayan. Natanto naman ni Cris na tunay na may pagtingin siya kay Baby. Binayaran niya si Tommy upang layuan si Baby. Nasaktan si Baby at bilang ganti ay sinabuyan niya ng asido si Tommy. Nagsisi si Baby nang malamang si Cris ang may kagagawan ng lahat, ngunit tulad ng ugnayan nina Boy, Emma, at Susan, ang kina Baby, Cris, at Tommy ay humantong din sa isang malagim na wakas.

Source: Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino


TheCoolCanadian said...


Baby Porcuna is still alive, I think.

Gigi Salvador (Deborah Sun in the movies), confided to me when we were filming Bedspacers in the 1970s that her mother is Baby Porcuna, and her father was Leroy Salvador.

Beth Bautista's performance in this film is pretty good, so I wonder what the big controversy was. I find the two Elizabeths (Bautista and Oropesa) and Daria Ramirez (the three Zialcita favorites) quite talented.

And what's more, can these ladies really scream when the get scared.

One evening, after attending a meeting at the PMPC building in Plaza Lawton, I left the building with these three ladies, but on our way to the parking lot... suddenly... black out!

The whole surroundings became pitch black and it was so hard to figure out where we were going. I guess they have the so-called nyctophobia that they started screaming. They all hang to me as if an 18-year old boy would be able to save them like a knight in a shining armor. He-he. What's so funny was Oropesa started screaming words in Bicol (she's from my province), and I can't remember now whether it was Daria or Beth also started screaming in Bicol. It was such a hysterical scene that only Danny Zialcita would be able to mount in front of the camera.

I was laughing so hard while all of us walked slowly in the dark, trying to figure out whose car we were approaching. When the keys worked, then it means it was matching to that person's car.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. It was the only time I went with these ladies to a meeting, and what a night it was. Truly unforgettable.

Video 48 said...

Nice trivia there JM, Gigi Salvador or Deborah Sun, daughter of Baby Porcuna.

Truly memorable experience, having three beautiful leading ladies in a haunting scene, hahaha! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Taga Bicol di ba sila Beth & Daria?
BTW, saw Beth Oropesa at SM Naga City last OCtober, sa grocery section, She's grown big!


Anonymous said...


Ito yung mga Notorious Police characters noong 60s, Natatandaan mo ba sila: BANJO LAUREL, BING-BONG CRISOLOGO,GREPOR BELGICA ? kasabayan ito nila Porcuna, pati na yung the BIG 4. Banjo died in Tigaon,Camarines Sur, sumabit sa niyog yung helicopter niya. Umaakyat ng ligaw ki GILDA GARCHITORENA, Si BingBong nawalan ng kamandag ng napatay si Floring Crisologo sa loob mismo ng cathedral sa Ilocos. At nakulong siya sa salang arson, sa Munti. Si Gerpor din nag serve sentence sa Munti sa pagkapatay niya ki ZUZUAREGGI...


Video 48 said...

Auggie, Maganda rin i-feature ang buhay ni Banjo Laurel. Isa rin ito sa mga colorful at notorious police character ng dekada 60s. Alam mo ba kung anong taon namatay si Banjo?

Anonymous said...


Itatanong ko sa Kaibigan kong taga TIGAON. Piyesta sa kanila sa a- dose.Isa pa yata siya sa nagdala ki Banjo sa ospital sa Mother Seton, sa Naga City, pero DOA na raw....Schoolmate niya si Gilda Garchitorena sa Santa Clara sa Tigaon,Camarines Sur...


Video 48 said...

Maraming Salamat, Auggie!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I sent you a PM through your yahoo account. I've only seen one article about this case. Thanks for sharing this and the Tommy Vergel article.


Anonymous said...

Great stories, these are the stories told to me growing up.

Porcuna got his alias boy "golden" because he frequented the golden restaurant in blumentritt, right?

Wasn't he also the one that pick pocketed Marlon Brando? And pursued by Benjamin Buenaventura (the policeman A.K.A Tata' Tura?)that led to Tata' Tura breaking one of his fingers?

Well, I don't know if I got my facts correct, but great stories!

rey martinez said...

I used to reside in Economia,Sampaloc,Manila.From 1950 to 1965.I can still remember Boy Golden,the good looking guy who was always wearing all white.He is a mestizo looking guy and always dress neat.He used to hang out in Mr. Clementes billiard hall together with Ando Manalastas,Kando Tolentino and Eddie Fernandez.As well as Fred Bumbay.Lagi siyang may mga kasamang pretty ladies.at minsan ay sa kanto ng Espana Blvd at Economia st. sya nagpapalit ng pantalon at damit.His whole body is full of tattos.One time I saw him holding a thompson sub machine gun.Hindi siya mukhang siga siga sa kanto dahil guapo at magaling siya magdala ng damit at makinis ang balat.

Anonymous said...

Baby Porcuna got another sister . She was stabbed and killed right at the tomb of Boy Golden in the North Cemetery, a few meters from the FP Sr.Memorial.

Anonymous said...

until now buhay pa si baby porcuna..
medyo mahina na nga lang pero buhay...
she's a fimily friend of mine...mabait sya at sa knila ako halos lumaki...napahiwalay lng ako sa porcuna/salvador clan mula ng mamatay ang anak na babae ni baby porcuna na si liza salvador(a.k.a liza noble)how i wish na sana matulungan nyo sya dahil mahina na at masasakitin na ang dating baby porcuna

camille said...

Baby Porcuna is my grandmother. Her eldest daughter is my mother. Im sorry but there's no truth that a sister of her was killed nor was stabbed. and yes, she's the mother of my aunt, Deborah Sun. Im just clarifying. Lolo Boy's remains is now lying in Loyola Memorial in Paranaque. And yes, it's also true, that my lola is somewhat in need of help, but with God's grace, we know we can get through this. thanks!

komandante said...

The irony of this is Baby Porcuna also became as the wife of Tony Razon one of the killers of his brother Boy Golden, maybe he's still alive but I'm not sure.

komandante said...

The irony about Baby Porcuna was she also became the wife of Tony Razon one of the killers of her brother Boy Golden. Razon hide in Pasig after the killing and was then being pursued by the CIS.

komandante said...

Arturo Porcuna, Fred Bumbay, Eddie Peregrina, Guido Dimapilis, Eddie Fernandez were all members of the notorious Bahala Na Gang. All are good looking guys..The policeman as mentioned was Arturo Buenaventura aka Ka Tura not Benjamin. He was also responsible for the killing of Mateo Raga leader of OXO gang.

bugsy said...

baby porcuna is my grandmother. she was never married to a Tony Razon. you must have the wrong person komandante. i am camille's older brother. my lola baby porcuna passed away april 29, 2013. her remains is at st. peter parish in araneta ave. beside nacional funeral. she will be there til sunday. thanks.

bugsy said...

baby porcuna is my grandmother. she was never married to a Tony Razon. you must have the wrong person komandante. i am camille's older brother. my lola baby porcuna passed away april 29, 2013. her remains is at st. peter parish in araneta ave. beside nacional funeral. she will be there til sunday. thanks.

dingdong said...

tama si bugsy kelan man hindi napangasawa ni tony razon si baby porcuna
and as of now wala na nga ang isang baby porcuna
ang tunay na baby porcuna

komandante said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
komandante said...

My apologies to the family of Baby Porcuna, being said that she became the wife of Tony Razon that was my mistake, but I'm sure she became the girlfriend at nagsama sila. I know Antonio Razon very well, wala nman akong masamamng intention just telling some facts again sorry po.. Condolence po..

Quemuel Galarosa said...

May Bagong Pelikula na Tungkol sa Buhay ni Arturo "Boy Golden" Porcuna. Gagampanan ni Goerge "ER" Estregan.Papalabas Ngayong December 25, 2013.

komandante said...

Di bagay at malayo sa tunay na Boy Golden ang pag ganap ni ER Ejercito.

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Anonymous said...

@Camille Do you know that your grandmother, another sister and boy Porcuna got a half-sister? This is where I got my story about a sister getting killed at the North Cemetery.
This half-sister married a prominent politician from the Rizal province. Their (Porcuna sisters and Arturo) step-father is a musician and Kundiman composer from a family in Sampaloc, Manila. I have not followed this post since 2012. You have then second-cousins/uncles that are prominent Rizal families.

wayne moises said...

He is the notorious Filipino con-artist/criminal his real name was Arthur Porcuna alias Boy Golden of Manila inspired from 2013 live action film starring George Estregan Jr and KC Concepcion became the most popular detective/crime film in Philippine history.Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

They have relatives of the late Arthur Porcuna/Boy Golden includes nephews nieces and cousins from Metro Manila and beyond. Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

He is the son of the late George Estregan nephew of Manila mayor Joseph Estrada as the fugitive/con artist Arthur Porcuna alias Boy Golden.Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

He is the archnemesis of the late gangster/criminal Boy Golden/Arthur Porcuna of Manila in the history of crime and law enforcement history in the Philippines.Thanks!

wayne moises said...

Boy Golden his real name was Arthur Porcuna the notorious criminal from the 1960's era in the Philippines.Thanks!

wayne moises said...

Arthur Porcuna the true story of the 1960's most wanted criminal in Manila in Philippine history. Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

He is the former governor of Laguna(2013-14) removed him from political position due to suspension by the hands of Interior ministry & local government in the Philippines.
Thanks! From:Wayne

Anonymous said...

The 2013 film is one rare example where the original criminal is better looking than the actor that portrayed him.

Anonymous said...

In 1959-60, I dated the sister of Boy Golden. Her name is Carlotta, a beautiful mestizo with a young son probably 2-3 years old then. We visited Boy Golden several times at the Manila Bilibid and brought him packs of cigarets. We also visited her sister Baby and met Lery Salvador at her apartment. Carlotta was constantly working to free her brother and spent all of her earnings for legal help. She was not mentioned at all in the movie nor newspaper article. Does anyone know what became of her?

Anonymous said...

gilda garchitorena was a family friend , she was married to Jacky Belmonte 60s actor adn hearthrob...they had 3 boys i baby sat for them at time , cause they were close to my parents..we were always in thier family affairs..this was back in 1976 to early 80s..then they just disappeared ,,,


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