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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"Krus na Bakal" (1954)
LVN Pictures
Release Date May 20-29, 1954/ Dalisay
Story E. Vianzon Ranola
Music F.Buencamino, Jr.
Direction Richard Abelardo
Cast Tessie Quintana, Teody Belarmino, Gil de Leon, Eusebio Gomez, Nela ALvarez, Oscar Obligacion, Miniong Alvarez

Synopsis: Dr. Mascardo discovers a potion which would change his appearance to that of a young man who soon becomes known in the town as Antenor. No one shares the Doctor's secret, although his pretty daughter, Gloria (Tessie Quintana), is troubled by her father's strange behavior when he is out of his Laboratory where he spends most of the time.

When Nestor (Teody Belarmino) pays a visit to Gloria and is met by Dr. Mascardo, the doctor gets furious, tries to hurt the young man who has to retaliate in self-defense. Nestor’s parents, Tasio and Anday, explain that the doctor’s hatred for Nestor" is due to Anday’s refusal to marry him when both were young. Anday fears for her son, but Tasio assures them that nothing would happen.

Another encounter takes place between Nestor and the doctor when the latter surprises the young lover in a tryst, and Nestor gets wounded. Tasio goes to the doctor’s house for retaliation, but is met on the way by Antenor who picks up a quarrel with Tasio and is wounded.
Antenor gets hold of Igme’s bolo, and slays Tasio. The clues point out to Dr. Mascardo as having something to do with the crime, but in the absence of proofs, the authorities can not touch him.

Meanwhile, Antenor has disappeared. Dr. Mascardo becomes nice to the young lover, after the incident, and renews his previous courtship with the now widowed Anday. But there is something in the ways of the doctor which makes her feel strongly he is the murderer of her late husband, and as he is about to approach her, she shrieks for help, and in comes Igme, the househelp, who grabs the doctor by the ar,s, tearing away his shirt sleeves. The doctor becomes frantic as the scar in his arm is exposed--- in the very place where Antenor got wounded by Tasio. Dr. Mascardo rushes home where he attempts to kill Nestor who is warned on time by the shouts of Gloria. Nestor gives chase, ut as he enters the laboratory, acids are spilled around, and a table is set aflame, burning the clothes of the doctor who jumps through the window unto his death.

(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine)

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