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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


"Goldiger" (1954)
Deegar Cinema, Inc.
Release Date May 16-22, 1954/ Center
Story Dominador Ad Castillo
Direction Rolando Del Mar
Cast Leila Morena, Ben Perez, Eleanor Medina, Ramon D' Salva, Caniteno Ilano, Leonora Ruiz, Romy Brion, Nello Nayo, Metring David, Fernando Santiago/ Introducing Bella Palma/ 

Synopsis: Clarita (Leila Morena) is the only daughter of a rig driver, but she has great plans in life. So when her father dies, leaving her a nag and a rig, she is forced by circumstances to drive the rig for a living. She is thus engaged when the rig collides with a car owned by Mr. Gonzales (Nello Nayo), owner of a gasoline station. To make up with such a pretty and spirited young woman, he employs her in the station.

Akong, a Chinese store owner, also entertains some affection for the girl, as well as Don Felix Sandoval, rich widower who tips her lavishly when she services his car. But although she is hell bent on getting a wealthy husband, she ignores them off temporarily, for, if possible she also wants her future husband to be not necessarily a retired, overused businessman.

Then she meets Jose Planchador (Ben Perez), who owns and manages a one-man operated laundry shop. Jose also has great ambitions in life. He wants to marry a rich woman. And to facilitate the hunt, he borrows the expensive clothes of Don Anselmo Laperal (Ramon D’ Salva), a rich man who is courting her sister, to impress all and sundry of his apparent affluence. And Clarita is impressed.

Same goes for Jose who believes he has found a gold mine in Clarita, not knowing she is digging for gold herself, with him as the mine. But things can’t go on like this forever, with the neighbors bound to talk as they usually do, and both prospectors carefully checking up on their claims. Clarita gets a tip, but she does not mind because she is really in love this time.

She makes a date and catches up with Jose’s bluff, embarrassing him no end, but both are happy to find in each other not only a gold mine but a mine of love instead.
(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine)

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