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Monday, February 4, 2013


"Dakilang Pagpapakasakit" (1954)
LVN Pictures
Release Date March 1- 10, 1954/ Dalisay
Story Lourdes Carillo
Music S.S. Suarez
Direction Rino Bermudez
Cast Rogelio de la Rosa, Delia Razon, Rosa Rosal, Jose de Cordova, Chito Navarro, Oscar Obligacion, Chedeng Bermudez, G. Buencamino, Cynthia Gomez

Synopsis: In order to satisfy the needs of her growing child, Laura (Delia Razon), widowed by the war, accepts the dubious attentions of Adolfo (Jose de Cordova), a mysterious character who stays away from home most of the time on alleged business trips, and who makes Laura’s life a continuous torture.

After a lingering illness which she keeps to herself, she dies on the grave of her late husband, Renato, leaving her child in the care of Aling Enyang, a kindly woman. Feeling a presentiment that all is not well with her twin sister, Laura, Lydia (Delia Razon in a dual role) goes to Palawan, finds her dead, takes the child to Manila and posing as the legitimate widow of the dead officer, presents herself to Roberto (Rogelio dela Rosa), the brother of Renato who falls in love with his niece and grows interested day by day with Lydia.

Sofia (Rosa Rosal) who for sometime has been trying to catch Roberto’s interest in vain, dissent the competition of the supposed widow, and finds a valuable ally in the person of Adolfo who comes to Manila and demands Lydia to return to him, thinking her to be Laura.

After a series of difficult situations, the real facts of the case are brought out into the open by the sudden appearance of Aling Enyang, and Roberto is happy to have Lydia for his wife, after his doubts have been cleared out.
(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ 1954)

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