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Friday, January 24, 2014


"Rebelde" (1958)
LVN Pictures
Release Date April 27- May 3, 1958/ Life
Serialized in Bulaklak Magazine
Music F. Buencamino, Jr.
Story and Direction Artemio Marquez
Cast Delia Razon, Mario Montenegro, Carlos Padilla, Jr., Rebecca Del Rio, Alfonso Carvajal, Oscar Keesee, Eusebio Gomez, Lydia Antonio

Synopsis: Florencia (Delia Razon) is a typical Filipina who joins the rebels when her father is killed by Kapitan Mariano, a Filipino employed by the American occupation forces. Florencia becomes ruthless in her efforts to avenge her father's death and with the help of Donato (Carlos Padilla, Jr.), organizes a rebel army to fight against the Americans.

Kapitan Mariano is all for fighting the rebels with force but the governor thinks otherwise. Mario (Mario Montenegro), the governor's son, volunteers to act as an emissary to convince the rebels to surrender peacefully. Mario contacts Donato but the latter, suspecting him of spying, orders him hanged. Mario is saved by Florencia who believes he is telling the truth.

Mario and Donato start for the town for a conference with the governor but when they reach town, they learn that the governor has been murdered. Although Dr. Lorna de Dios (Rebecca Del Rio), Mario’s sweetheart knows the identity of the murderer, she refuses to tell Mario who murdered his father.

Mario takes to the hills and is welcomed with open arms by Florencia who has fallen in love with him arousing Donato‘s jealousy. Later on Lorna relents and tells Mario that Kapitan Magno, one of Kapitan Mariano’s men, is the murderer of his father.

Mario finds Kapitan Mariano just as the latter with his men have captured Florencia. Kapitan Mariano makes a run for it, killing Lorna in the process. Mario pursues Kapitan Mariano and when he catches up, engages him in a fist fight which he eventually wins. He returns to Florencia.
(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine)

Photo shows Mario Montenegro, Delia Razon, Carlos Padilla, Jr

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