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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


"Villa Milagrosa" (1958)
LVN Pictures
Release Date February 28- March 9, 1958/ Dalisay
Story Luz del Mundo
Serialized in Bulaklak Magazine
Music Lt. Col. A. Buenaventura
Direction Susana C. de Guzman
Cast Nestor de Villa, Charito Solis, Nita Javier, Eddie Rodriguez, Pianing Vidal, Dan Mesinas, Florentino Ballecer

Synopsis: Romy Penaflor (Nestor de Villa), a young physician in a Manila hospital, goes home to his paralytic old uncle who lives alone in Villa Milagrosa. The old man bequeaths the huge hacienda and the antiquated mansion to his nephew. Romy is stricken by the mysterious atmosphere of the Spanish mansion and is particularly intrigued by a room with its massive door locked against all inquisitive intruders.

The young doctor meets a beautiful young woman in the garden of his uncle’s mansion one moonlight night. He falls in love with her but she disappears. When he meets her again he manages to win her heart. But there is something mysterious about this girl who calls herself Virginia (Charito Solis). Romy can only see her in the garden, on Wednesday nights when she would pick flowers for the Lady of Perpetual Help.

Finally, he convinces her to attend a birthday party he was throwing. Virginia consents on condition that she could only be present up to twelve o'clock. At the appointed time she arrives. But before she could be introduced to the crowd, the clock strikes twelve and she disappears into the night. It was at this time that the old uncle learns of the true identity of Virginia. He tells Romy that she had died twenty years ago. She had been his sweetheart and had haunted him for years.

(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ 1958)

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