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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


"Kastilaloy" (1958
LVN Pictures
Release Date April 5- 18, 1958/ Dalisay
Music Polding Silos
Direction F. H. Constantino
Cast Armando Goyena, Nida Blanca, Val Castelo, Luisa Montesa, Pugo, Elena Balmori, Vic Diaz, Jose Troni, Mary Walter, Loida Morales

Synopsis: Felipito (Armando Goyena) is the son of Don Benito (Pugo), an impoverished Spaniard who has settled down in the Philippines. Although they are already bankrupt, Don Benito still insists in keeping up a wealthy front, retaining a mortgaged mansion, a retinue of servants and a limousine.

Carding (Val Castelo), Felipito's chauffeur, asks his master to be the best man at his wedding to Norma (Luisa Montessa), a dressmaker. At the ceremony, Felipito meet and falls in love with the maid of honor, Patring (Nida Blanca), who pretends that she is rich although actually, she is only a salesgirl. She is able to convince Felipito of her wealth by representing herself as the owner of the mansion she is living in although in reality, the real owners are out of the country and she is only living in the garage with their permission.

A time comes when Felipito decides to ask Patring to marry him, hoping to revitalize his family's bankrupt finances with her money, not suspecting that Patring is also thinking along these very same lines. Felipito proposes and he is immediately accepted by Patring who sets the date for their wedding. After the wedding, the real owner of the mansion where Patring lives arrives to expose the fraud. At the same time, Felipito is also exposed and the two are suddenly aware that their plans to marry somebody rich have gone away.

However, because they love each other, they decide that it is all for the best. They laugh off their misfortune and pledge to stick together come what may.

(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ 1958)

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