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Monday, January 20, 2014


"Fighting Tisoy" (1958)
Larry Santiago Productions
Release Date March 20- 29, 1958/ Dalisay
Story and Screenplay Armando de Guzman
Music Clod Delfino
Direction Pablo Santiago
Cast Zaldy Zshornack, Myra Crisol, Ben Perez, Elvira Reyes, Chiquito, Bobby Gonzales, Luis San Juan, Larry Ramos, Dencio Padilla, Fernando Santiago, Menchi Ferrer, Ligaya Reyes, Mila Bernardo/ Guest- Ramon D' Salva

Synopsis: Zaldy is a collegiate basketball star who is disqualified from the team after engaging in a free-for-all with members of the opposing team. He decides to quit school and look for a job to help his sickly mother. He goes to a boxing gym where he is able to earn five pesos sparring with a boxer.

A boxing promoter, Daniel Perez, is attracted by his powerful right hand and he tries to convince Zaldy to train as a professional boxer under him. But before Zaldy can decide, Zaldy is convinced by one of his professors to resume his studies.

In school, Zaldy, upon the urgings of his friends and professors, becomes a member of the boxing team. While Zaldy is training at the school gym, Priscilla, a new girl, makes a big play for him, arousing the jealousy of Myra, Zaldy's cheerleader who also has a crush on him. Although Zaldy also loves Myra, he does not tell her of his feelings, believing he is too poor for her. On the other hand, Myra, to be near Zaldy, frequently visits his sick mother.

Zaldy becomes an amateur boxing champion and when his mother's illness becomes worse he seeks out Daniel Perez and accepts the latter's offer to fight professionally. In his first professional bout, Zaldy is the betting favorite. Gamblers threaten to kill him if he does not throw the fight but Zaldy tells Perez about it. Perez advises him to fight to win and takes care of the gamblers. Zaldy wins the fight and his mother is cured. (Source: Literary Song-Movie magazine)

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