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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


"Beloved" (1958
Sampaguita Pictures
Release Date March 25-April 3, 1958/ Life
Story Dr. Fausto J. Galauran
Screenplay Ding M. de Jesus
Music Nestor Robles
Direction Tony Cayado
Cast Gloria Romero, Ric Rodrigo, Tito Galla

Synopsis: A promising composer (Ric Rodrigo) survives a plane crash but is badly disfigured. He decides not to go back because of that disfigurement. He finds a job as a choir and there meets a blind woman (Gloria Romero) whom he develops into a singer with a great promise. Meanwhile, they get enmeshed with each other and vow to stick it out for life.The woman is discovered by a rich woman who takes interest in her. She is finally prevailed upon to accompany this woman to the United States for medical treatment. She goes but promises her man the undying devotion she is sworn to. While in States she gets medical attention, too, and she finally recovers her sight.
She comes home only to discover that her love is horribly ugly. The man leaves her, goes to Manila and work for a cheap joint. He manages nevertheless to compose music and is known around for his works. He scrapes enough dough and submits himself to a face-lifting. Operation is successful and he is the same man he was before. He is himself again.

He makes friends through his music, gets many invitations to play the piano in garden parties. And in one of those parties she meets her former sweetheart who does not recognize him. But somehow the story comes to a fitting close when the girl sings the song “Beloved” which the man purposely composed for the both of them. They clinch and everything is forgotten.

(Source: Literary Song-Movie Magazine/ March 1, 1958)

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